Accused of Rape? Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Celia Wandio, a student at the University of Toronto who wants to astound the public with her irrational flailing against the presumption of innocence as it pertains to rape, the violation of the holiest of holies, a vagina. To set the stage, she points to Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby, and Paul Nungesser (of Columbia Mattress Girl fame), only one of whom has even been charged for a crime. Ms. Wandio implies that by pointing to that ancient and venerable idea, that a man should not be deemed guilty by law without proof qualifies as “victim-blaming.”

Ms. Wandio is shocked and aghast that someone would side with a person accused of a crime against an accuser because no accuser would ever accuse a person of a crime with bad intentions, or by mistake. She rather snidely reminds the reader that “innocent until proven” is a standard for the legal system, therefore she is entitled to believe any accusations she wishes. It is a shame that the University of Toronto never taught her that the presumption of innocence, in addition to its great age (going back to Roman times). If every accuser were presumed to be factual, why, I could accuse Celia Wandio of killing JFK, or being a terrorist, and then, because my accusations were presumed factual, the burden would shift to her to disprove my claim.

As if reading from the standard Outer Party Feminist script, Ms. Wandio waves off the men who have had their lives and reputations destroyed by hiding behind “case studies” (with no reference to their methodology, sample size, or analysis) and claiming that the number of falsely accused is so small as to not be worthy of consideration. She also deftly ignores the reason that the presumption of innocence and the production of inculpatory evidence are enshrined in the case law and statutes of nations with common law tradition: there is an inherent disparity in power between the State (which has the power to deprive the accused of life, liberty, and property) and the accused. The State has the advantages of time, resources, and force, force being the most important of the three. In less civilized countries in history, where there was no presumption of innocence, the State needed no more to condemn a man than to officially proclaim his guilt and his punishment. Even in our common law-based legal system, the accuser, by way of the State, has the accused at a severe disadvantage in terms of the resources it can expend to prove guilt.

But not even findings of legal guilt are satisfactory “justice” to Ms. Wandio. Perhaps she would like to hearken back to the days when men were executed for rape. Or better, when lynch mobs dragged “accused” rapists out of the jails to be tortured and murdered. She plays around with the truth of the matter of rape, but is too indoctrinated to directly address the problem with a rape accusation: in the absence of other evidence, physical or testimonial, the only pieces of evidence in a rape trial are the accusation of the accuser, and the denial of the accused. She seems to lament that men are not dragged off to prison on the mere say-so of an accuser, except when they are.

Ms. Wandio unsuccessfully tries to paint rape accusers in general as being “persecuted, blamed, and harassed” for making accusations, while failing to address the fact that a person accused of rape, or any felony in particular, suffers often irreparable harm to their reputation, especially in the age of the internet, where a simple search of the accused’s name will retrieve the story of the accusation, regardless of the veracity of the complaint.

After slamming the presumption of innocence, the legal system, the victims of false accusations, and society in general, Ms. Wandio retreats to the motte and claims she is not suggesting that the accused by punished without proof. Her definition of “justice” for rape accusers includes therapy (which costs money), “provisions for their immediate physical safety (more money), alternate living arrangements (more money), financial aid (it’s right there in the name), and “allowing them the agency to tell their stories how they want, and actually believing them”, regardless of the lack of facts, or the inherently defamatory nature of accusing someone of a violent felony. In short, Ms. Wandio wants to reach into someone else’s pocket and be free to demolish reputations without having to prove that those be accused actually did the thing they are accused of.

This is why people look askance at the ravings of the Feminist acolytes against the so-called rape culture and their empty claims that they are in favor of equality. When they are actually held to the same standards as men, and must prove their claims are factual before something is done, then the standards are wrong. But the standards must only be tweaked just so that in this particular instance (rape) the accuser does not have to prove anything and the accusation becomes the fact.




Threesome Turns to False Rape Accusation

Hannah McWhirter of Banff, Aberdeenshire, was supposed to be sentenced for a false rape claim made against a co-worker and her husband, Dionne and Shaun Clark. McWhirter’s lawyer withdrew from the case prior to sentencing.

McWhirter and Dionne Clark met as shopworkers in a department store. McWhirter also became friends with Clark’s husband, Shaun. On July 13, 2013, while McWhirter’s boyfriend was out, she went to a Travelodge for a threesome with the Clarks. Things turned sour after when McWhirter failed to respond to Dionne Clark’s text messages. Shaun Clark then told McWhirter’s boyfriend about the threesome. McWhirter responded by making the false rape accusation, claiming that she had only gone to the Clark’s hotel room to use the toilet, but was taken prisoner and raped. The police seized the Clarks and subjected them hours of interrogation and weeks of investigation.

The police interviewed the Clarks, but subsequent investigation and evidence contradicted McWhirter’s story. McWhirter is scheduled for sentencing next month.

McWhirter admitted to the deception when she appeared in court. McWhirter’s lawyer, Sam Milligan, withdrew after she lied to a social worker about legal advice he had given her. Aberdeenshire sheriff Graham Buchanan gave McWhirter two weeks to find another lawyer.


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Serial False Rape Accuser Flees Justice

Christina Nadine Nelson (nee Mark) missed two court hearings in Montana relating fabricating evidence. Nelson’s attorney successfully withdrew from the case after losing contact with her. There is a $100,000 warrant for Nelson’s arrest.

Nelson’s career of lying and destroying lives began in high school when she arrived in Columbia Falls as an exchange student. She accused her prom date of raping her, resulting in his expulsion. Those charges were subsequently dismissed. Nelson went on to make three more rape accusations against other boyfriends, once in 2009, and twice in 2012, all which were determined by Billings police to be unfounded. Nelson is currently on the run from charges of fabricating evidence in Flathead County and Yellowstone County respectively.

Mary Cochenour, the Assistant Attorney General, believes that Nelson has fled to Europe.  If any one sees this Penny Dreadful lookalike, send her back to Montana to face justice.


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State of Montana v. Christina Nadine Nelson aka Christina Nadine Mark

Woman Doesn’t Understand Why She Doesn’t Want To Have Kinky Sex With Her Boyfriend. He’s Such A Good Guy.

Courtesy of deadbedrooms:

A woman attempts to rationalize her lack of attraction to her boyfriend and why she should keep his commitment while not giving him the full extent of her sexuality.
She “loves” her boyfriend, by her own understanding, but she isn’t attracted to him. Of course, she admits to hiding her wild and crazy past when she would eat out her roommate while Generic Fratboy #6 pounded her in the butt. She says he’s a “good guy” and “would do anything for her” which is a compliment….if you’re a rescue dog.

In her conscious mind, she wants to be attracted to him, she thinks she should be attracted to him, but he just doesn’t make those juices flow.

She finishes with meaningless Oprah-esque paeans to what she wants in a man, someone she can lust after, who will tear her clothes off at random times, but treats her well, pays her bills, and fixes her problems.

When a woman withholds her sexual history from a man, it’s clear evidence that she is not sexually attracted to a man and has no respect for him. If a woman was sexually attracted to a man, her sexual history, her list of kinks would be like a resume to the new man, proof that whatever sex he’s into, she’s ready, willing, and able. If she hides it, it means she thinks so little of the man that he will accept whatever grudging, rationed sex that she is willing to give him.

In withholding her sexual history, a woman deprives a man of agency, of the right to make an informed decision about the type of woman he wants to commit to. If a man doesn’t want to attach himself to a reformed, semi-reformed, or pseudo-reformed slut, that is his right, to association or disassociate himself from whoever he wants. And a woman does not have the right to take that decision away and make it for a man by way of deception.

But the woman does deserve some credit because she at least feels some guilt for being in a relationship with him, but not as attracted to him as he is to her. The moral thing to do would be to lay her cards on the table, tell him what kind of sex she likes, and wait for the result, or cut this guy loose for a woman who actually wants to fuck him.

You’ve Been in Jail For Seven Years For a False Rape? We’ll Get to You When We Get To You

A South African man spent seven years in jail after his daughter claimed that he raped her, but recanted her accusation.

The falsely accused and convicted man known as “S”, reached out to Legal Aid South Africa to take up his appeal. Because Legal Aid dragged their feet on his case, he is now seeking 5.6 million rand (approximately $468,652.80).

S states the only reason Legal Aid took up his case is because the daughter (the one who put him in jail to begin with) lobbied the Legal Aid Board. The court of appeals, needless to say, was not amused by Legal Aid’s nonchalance. Legal Aid’s defense to S’s claims was “we goofed.”

The appeals court, in reviewing the trial court record, pointed out the obvious: the only evidence that convicted S was the word of the daughter, whose story, surprise, surprise, had discrepancies enough for the appellate court to conclude that he should not have been convicted in the first place.


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Model Lies About Being Raped w/ Special Guest Star Gerard Butler

Alesia Riabenkova, a Latvian model, star of Glamour and Elle magazines and member-in-good-standing of the League of Gerard Butler’s Ex-Girlfriends, cried rape against a New York photographer.  Riabenkova claim fell apart when the pregnancy which she offered as proof turned out to not have been fathered by the accused.

Riabenkova went to the photographer’s condo for champagne, which allegedly turned into rape after she ran downstairs and told the doorman to call 911. The police, being the agents of the Patriarchy and in full support of rape culture, hauled the photographer off to jail. Rather than just taking Riabenkova at her word, the police noticed inconsistencies in her story. The photographer’s charges were eventually dropped.

Undeterred, Riabenkova doubled down, claiming that the photographer had impregnated her and that she wanted to join the less than 5% of women seeking abortion who do so because of rape. The sexist, patriarchal, rape apologist D.A., rather than believing her, told the abortion clinic to save the fetus for DNA testing. Sexist, patriarchal genetics demonstrated the photographer was not the father.

No charges will be filed because…it’s okay to waste the police’s time and the taxpayers’ money on an aging model’s lies and hurt feelings.

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New Zealand Woman Makes False Rape Claim to Avoid Telling Her Kids the Truth

So a New Zealand woman lies about being raped.

Tracy Carston accused her ex of drugging, kidnapping, and raping her. But she recanted when the police, ever the sexist, patriarchal rape-enablers that they are, pointed out that her story didn’t make sense. Carston moved to Wanganui so she could “reconnect” with her two adult children. When the offspring were expecting to meet with her, Carston didn’t show up for two days. Then Carston shows up at her daughter’s house claiming to have been kidnapped, drugged, and raped (in no particular order).

Because this is a rape culture full of patriarchal rape enablers, the ex was hauled off to jail. Cooler heads prevailed and the police, rather than doing the proper feminist, non-rape culture thing, which would be to take an accuser at face-value and send the man off to the execution chamber, they looked at the accuser’s statement, realized some of the things she said didn’t make sense and did a follow-up interview. At that point, the whole story fell apart. Carston admitted to having lied about the kidnapping, drugging, and raping. The new story was that Tracy Carston went on a bender of sex and drugs, then got into a fight with the ex. The false rape story was a cover so that her kids wouldn’t know she lied to them. Because putting a rape charge on an innocent person is much more respectable than “hey, Mama Bear needed some dick and some dope. A girl’s got needs, kids. But hey, let’s “reconnect”! I want to be there for you!”

The happy ending to this story is that Tracy Carston pled guilty to making a false statement and will be sentenced, probably to a one-fingered slap on the wrist.


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