Sex-selective abortions? Okay when feminists do it

She starts by complaining that people have decided not to associate with her because of her decision to abort her monster, I mean, male offspring. In 2012, Lana got pregnant. She doesn’t know who fathered the child indicating irresponsibility with her pussy. She assumes certain things as true without evidence: that she would be a good mother, that a woman can terminate her offspring on a whim.

Lana gives us her feminist bona fides, including not working a job. She also reveals her arrogant belief that she is entitled to respect, help, and audience from random men, and only doesn’t get it because PATRIARCHY, not because of any defect in her or her politics. Lana takes a flight to San Francisco to hang out with the other unemployed bums and trust-fund babies at OWS. Her seatmate asks what she’s going to San Francisco for. She informs him that she’s going to hang out with bums and trust-fund babies at Occupy Wall Street. The man randomly replies that “Bitches like you need to learn their place.” Lana responds by screaming “Assault!” Another woman, naturally sides with her fellow vagina, and tells him to get away. Lana demands that the flight attendant switch her seats, and learns to her trust-fund baby horror that the only open seats are in Economy. Aqua Buddha knows she can’t sit in the steerage with the peasants!

Lana hits the trigger warning – unironically

Another flight attendant joins the drama and actually tries to gather some facts, such as, did he actually touch her. Lana, our trust-fund baby feminist heroine, considers lying for the Greater Good. You see, her feelings were hurt, which is really the same thing as raping her. Her trust was violated, despite there being no reasonable basis for any trust between them to exist. After much painful deliberation, Lana actually told the truth like a moral person. By telling the truth, and moving to steerage, I mean Economy class, Lana  “felt as though I had been verbally and emotionally raped” once again proving that the feminist definition of rape is just “things I don’t like.” Lana does what any reasonable person would do and draws the conclusion that men are evil based on this incident.

After her airplane trauma fantasizes about all of the Feminist grooming she will inflict on her presumably girl child, of isolating her from contact with men or opinions that might hurt her feelings in all-girls daycare and elementary school. I believe they called these “nunneries” once upon a time. Lana is also researching nannies. So let’s review Lana’s sheltered, pampered, trust-fund baby bona fides to this point: No career, can afford to fly in First Class around the country to protest the Wall Street fatcats, has the option of all-girls’ schools, has the option of nannies. At this point, Gwen Stefani needs to come in singing “If I Was A Rich Girl.” With dreams of Feminist Indoctrination dancing in her head, she attends her five month check-up.

The doctor asks if she wants to know the baby’s sex. Our feminist heroine Lana knows everything about the evils of the Patriarchy, but not how an ultrasound works, that piece of equipment that creates an image of your baby. To her horror, evil, Patriarchal medicine reveals that her child is male. Lana, ever rational, cries that her body has betrayed her. Apparently Lana slept through biology class where we learned that the sperm determines the sex of the offspring, not the ovum. Don’t worry, Henry the VIII made the same mistake.

So her driver (trust fund baby bona fides again) triggers her by asking if she’s okay or needs anything.  More crying happens and continues for two full days.  I’m glad this woman doesn’t have a job or anything. Lana compares herself to a prisoner and a war refugee because male children are the same thing as being put in an 8 by 10 foot box by the government or chased out of your home by armed killers. But just as Christ emerged from the tomb on the third day, Lana “regained some of her mental strength” by day three. Recognizing this male child as a “monster” and an “enemy” who might hold opinions that are counter to her own, she decided that this mini-Patriarch had to be destroyed. After killing off the male infestation, Lana felt that she had done something positive, difference-making, and good. Strangely enough, the Chinese who abort their useless girl-children feel much the same. Even more strangely, some of Lana’s friends and relatives didn’t approve of killing her offspring for the grievous crime of being male.

Three years later, she found a new sperm donor and has a proper girl-child to indoctrinate. Some people pointed out to Lana that killing a child for male is pretty messed up. Of course, Lana doesn’t care. Lana momentarily retreats to the bailey, asserting that she doesn’t hate men, despite characterizing her male child as a “monster”, an “enemy”, and a “curse” but she does hate the Patriarchy, much like ancient tribes hated and feared the evil spirits of the air. She defends her decision on the grounds that her male child “might” have been someone she wouldn’t like or might disagree with her, so the sentence was death. Can’t wait for that daughter to hit puberty. At least teenage sons are predictable.

That was half-sized summary of Lana’s nonsense with some commentary interspersed.

Without delving too deeply into the abortion slap-fight, I would hope that people would concur that even if you want to abort your offspring on a humbug or for being an inconvenience, that being the wrong sex is one of those inconveniences that is morally and rationally indefensible. Much blood and ink have been spilled criticizing India and China for the prevalence in those countries of sex-selective abortions. There are a few feminist pressure groups wagging their fingers at those countries as well. Hopefully, if the Feminist dogma of Feminism being about “equal rights for all” is true, then Feminists would denounce this madwoman for killing a child for being male as strongly as they do the Indians and Chinese for killing children for being female. I know that I hope for more than is reasonable, as Feminists are not known for being rational or consistent.

Now that I’ve talked about the actual premise of the essay, let’s address the woman herself. Based on the essay, this woman is a seriously sheltered, pampered, subsidized trust-fund baby. No career, bawls her eyes out about having to sit in Economy class, can afford all-girls schools, can afford nannies, can pay for a 20 week abortion, can spend three days at the house crying, and did I forget to mention NO CAREER? What’s that thing Feminists are always saying? Something about checking privilege? I don’t know where if there is a room you check it in, or if you hip check it or shoulder check it, or if there is a form with a box that needs a check, but Lana needs to check it hard. What’s more, Lana does an excellent job of illustrating the entitlement mentality that rich, pampered feminists have. “Men should help us, men should take us seriously, men should listen to us” But why? Why should my time, which is of value to me, simply be given up to you because you think you should have it? Because of the righteousness of your cause? Fuck that. Because you can cry for three days? I can’t think of anything more persuasive or rational than crying because you don’t get your way and lack self-control. Lana characterizes men as not being good allies to the Feminist cult. But who wants an ally to collapses into a puddle of tears every time she encounters something that even looks like adversity? An ally who mentally shuts down in the face of opposition? An ally who views you as “cursed” and a “monster”? With an ally like Lana, you might as well surrender to the Patriarchy now and beg for a quick death.

And men, don’t think you get off the hook, don’t high-five and pat each other on the back because you are as much to blame for this homicidal dingbat as her Women’s Studies professors. What did you do you might wonder? Easy. Daddy, you continually fuck up when you let your daughter propagate this anti-male nonsense on your dime. Dudes who have sex with this woman and get her pregnant, no, just no. Understand that when you give women like Lana dick, you are boosting her already overinflated sense of self-worth to the point that she feels comfortable enough to get on the internet and say “sure, I’ll kill all of my male children. Fuck you if you don’t like it. But don’t you dare say I hate men. I just hate the patriarchy. Which looks a lot like my unborn son.”


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