New Zealand Woman Makes False Rape Claim to Avoid Telling Her Kids the Truth

So a New Zealand woman lies about being raped.

Tracy Carston accused her ex of drugging, kidnapping, and raping her. But she recanted when the police, ever the sexist, patriarchal rape-enablers that they are, pointed out that her story didn’t make sense. Carston moved to Wanganui so she could “reconnect” with her two adult children. When the offspring were expecting to meet with her, Carston didn’t show up for two days. Then Carston shows up at her daughter’s house claiming to have been kidnapped, drugged, and raped (in no particular order).

Because this is a rape culture full of patriarchal rape enablers, the ex was hauled off to jail. Cooler heads prevailed and the police, rather than doing the proper feminist, non-rape culture thing, which would be to take an accuser at face-value and send the man off to the execution chamber, they looked at the accuser’s statement, realized some of the things she said didn’t make sense and did a follow-up interview. At that point, the whole story fell apart. Carston admitted to having lied about the kidnapping, drugging, and raping. The new story was that Tracy Carston went on a bender of sex and drugs, then got into a fight with the ex. The false rape story was a cover so that her kids wouldn’t know she lied to them. Because putting a rape charge on an innocent person is much more respectable than “hey, Mama Bear needed some dick and some dope. A girl’s got needs, kids. But hey, let’s “reconnect”! I want to be there for you!”

The happy ending to this story is that Tracy Carston pled guilty to making a false statement and will be sentenced, probably to a one-fingered slap on the wrist.


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