Woman Doesn’t Understand Why She Doesn’t Want To Have Kinky Sex With Her Boyfriend. He’s Such A Good Guy.

Courtesy of deadbedrooms:

A woman attempts to rationalize her lack of attraction to her boyfriend and why she should keep his commitment while not giving him the full extent of her sexuality.
She “loves” her boyfriend, by her own understanding, but she isn’t attracted to him. Of course, she admits to hiding her wild and crazy past when she would eat out her roommate while Generic Fratboy #6 pounded her in the butt. She says he’s a “good guy” and “would do anything for her” which is a compliment….if you’re a rescue dog.

In her conscious mind, she wants to be attracted to him, she thinks she should be attracted to him, but he just doesn’t make those juices flow.

She finishes with meaningless Oprah-esque paeans to what she wants in a man, someone she can lust after, who will tear her clothes off at random times, but treats her well, pays her bills, and fixes her problems.

When a woman withholds her sexual history from a man, it’s clear evidence that she is not sexually attracted to a man and has no respect for him. If a woman was sexually attracted to a man, her sexual history, her list of kinks would be like a resume to the new man, proof that whatever sex he’s into, she’s ready, willing, and able. If she hides it, it means she thinks so little of the man that he will accept whatever grudging, rationed sex that she is willing to give him.

In withholding her sexual history, a woman deprives a man of agency, of the right to make an informed decision about the type of woman he wants to commit to. If a man doesn’t want to attach himself to a reformed, semi-reformed, or pseudo-reformed slut, that is his right, to association or disassociate himself from whoever he wants. And a woman does not have the right to take that decision away and make it for a man by way of deception.

But the woman does deserve some credit because she at least feels some guilt for being in a relationship with him, but not as attracted to him as he is to her. The moral thing to do would be to lay her cards on the table, tell him what kind of sex she likes, and wait for the result, or cut this guy loose for a woman who actually wants to fuck him.


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