Model Lies About Being Raped w/ Special Guest Star Gerard Butler

Alesia Riabenkova, a Latvian model, star of Glamour and Elle magazines and member-in-good-standing of the League of Gerard Butler’s Ex-Girlfriends, cried rape against a New York photographer.  Riabenkova claim fell apart when the pregnancy which she offered as proof turned out to not have been fathered by the accused.

Riabenkova went to the photographer’s condo for champagne, which allegedly turned into rape after she ran downstairs and told the doorman to call 911. The police, being the agents of the Patriarchy and in full support of rape culture, hauled the photographer off to jail. Rather than just taking Riabenkova at her word, the police noticed inconsistencies in her story. The photographer’s charges were eventually dropped.

Undeterred, Riabenkova doubled down, claiming that the photographer had impregnated her and that she wanted to join the less than 5% of women seeking abortion who do so because of rape. The sexist, patriarchal, rape apologist D.A., rather than believing her, told the abortion clinic to save the fetus for DNA testing. Sexist, patriarchal genetics demonstrated the photographer was not the father.

No charges will be filed because…it’s okay to waste the police’s time and the taxpayers’ money on an aging model’s lies and hurt feelings.

Archived Source

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