Serial False Rape Accuser Flees Justice

Christina Nadine Nelson (nee Mark) missed two court hearings in Montana relating fabricating evidence. Nelson’s attorney successfully withdrew from the case after losing contact with her. There is a $100,000 warrant for Nelson’s arrest.

Nelson’s career of lying and destroying lives began in high school when she arrived in Columbia Falls as an exchange student. She accused her prom date of raping her, resulting in his expulsion. Those charges were subsequently dismissed. Nelson went on to make three more rape accusations against other boyfriends, once in 2009, and twice in 2012, all which were determined by Billings police to be unfounded. Nelson is currently on the run from charges of fabricating evidence in Flathead County and Yellowstone County respectively.

Mary Cochenour, the Assistant Attorney General, believes that Nelson has fled to Europe.  If any one sees this Penny Dreadful lookalike, send her back to Montana to face justice.


Archived Source

State of Montana v. Christina Nadine Nelson aka Christina Nadine Mark


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