Feminist “Comedians” Attempt to Street Harass Men; Hilarity Ensues

Well…this happened. Two women, allegedly comedians, are trying to raise their Youtube profile. What better way to do that than by offering sex to random men on the street?

Many women experience street harassment on a regular basis, but two young women took to YouTube to spotlight a form of harassment even nastier than cat-calling.

Comedians Soojeong Son, who goes by SJ, and Ginny Leise visited a New York City park to demonstrate the practice of drive-by street harassment, which they define as the act of whispering something offensive into the face of a woman who is alone in public, then walking away before there is time for her to react.

Only in this case, the women turned the tables, with SJ whispering vulgar things in the ears of unsuspecting men, before quickly taking off, leaving them with little to no time to react.

Street harassment, otherwise known as men that women find sexually undesirable having the audacity to speak to them. Only in the demented minds of women is the act of offering sexual intercourse offensive. But let’s read on.

‘Do you think that men who do not perpetrate this particular type of harassment have any idea that women put up with this on a regular basis?’ Ginny asks SJ at the beginning of the clip.

‘Men do not know this at all,’ SJ answers.

So the pair set out to show men how ‘invasive and threatening’ it feels by having SJ spend the day harassing men in Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.

‘I’m worried because being a woman in public is always really scary. We might get punched in the face today,’ SJ, who is clad in jeans and a sleeveless button-down, says to the camera. ‘That’s what I’m concerned about.’

Again, only in the demented minds of women is speaking to them a form of harassment. Even these supposed “comedians” aren’t witty enough to turn the tables on their (imaginary) harassers in a funny way.

Ginny says into the camera that she will stay close by as SJ finds her first mark – a man wearing a suit who is sitting alone at a park table.

‘Uh, dat a**’ she whispers into his ear, slowing down but barely stopping, before continuing to walk off in the same direction.

She walks up to several more men in the park, saying things like, ‘nice a**’, ‘I want to f*** you’, ‘I love that c**k’, ‘oh baby’, and ‘I want to destroy that d**k’.

And she targets all types of men: black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, older, and younger.

Each time, she leans in close and whispers quickly, leaving the ‘harassed’ party stunned and grappling with what just happened.

This great act of feminist subversion amounts to offering sex to men, but not delivering. There’s nothing more “empowering” than being a cocktease. And now, some responses to this “harassment.”

SJ: “nice a**”

Me: I know it is. It’s probably nicer than yours. Why don’t you prove me wrong?

SJ: “I want to f*** you”

Me: The backseat of your car, or mine?

SJ: “I love that c**k”

Me: Give it a little kiss then.

SJ: “oh baby”

Me: Damn you cum quick. I didn’t even do anything!

SJ: “I want to destroy that d**k”

Me: Is it racist if I call your p*ssy “the Kung Fu Grip”?

But did they actually feel harassed? According to the video, most of the men ‘loved it’.

The clip cuts to each of the men’s reactions after SJ walks away, showing them smiling, laughing, and looking confused but grinning.

Of course, it’s possible that these men didn’t ‘enjoy’ the harassment so much as they were shocked by the unusual behavior – which made them laugh in surprise.

In fact, viewers of the clever video commented that it is unlikely than men would have the same reaction as women to street harassment, as it’s difficult to see a woman in the role of harasser as a threat.

‘Women doing that to guys isn’t going to be analogous (in most cases, I would guess), because it’s not something that’s particularly uncomfortable, threatening, and/or unwanted,’ he wrote.

Of course the men were smiling, laughing, and “confused but grinning.” Why? Because even a woman who looks like Soojeong passes the most important and usually the single hurdle to sex with a man: the boner test. And here these two “comedians” discover, shock and gasp, that men and women are not the same. That men do not walk through the world in mortal terror that someone might say something to hurt their feelings. That men learn, at an early age, that the world doesn’t give a fuck about their feelings and that if they are going to have any sort of piece of mind, they have to take things in stride, including feminist dumbasses attempting to use them to score some political points and Youtube hits. That men, who are almost never offered sex, and who typically have to meet some qualifications having nothing to do with sexual desire or ability, in order to have sex with a woman, are pleasantly surprised when a not-hideous woman offers them sex or shows an interest in them.

Unlike a woman’s vagina, men’s penises are not a bargaining chip, nor a source of societal or moral value. It’s fun when it’s fun, it makes urinating efficient, and it’s several extra inches of skin we clean in the shower every day. We cannot use our penises to get diamond rings, cars, purses, shoes, jobs, emotional validation, friendship, or any of the perks that proper asset management of a vagina gets a woman. So when men are offered sex, without having to struggle for it, no, men are not offended, violated, hurt, harassed, or overcome by a desire to curl up with a blankie in a Safe Space. And women like this are the sort of miserable jerks who deep down understand that if they didn’t have a vagina, that if they had to play life on hard mode (as a man) in a world that doesn’t give a damn about you unless you offer something of value, they’d probably be living on a piece of cardboard over a heating grate on the sidewalk.

However, the women did recognize that the men didn’t act with the disgust and violated discomfort that most women do in similar situations.

That is, with one exception. After SJ told an older man ‘I love you d***’, he turned around, wrinkled his brow, and said ‘what?’ without cracking a smile.

The video’s creators took this opportunity to make a point about the language of street harassment. They labeled the unhappy man as ‘humorless’ and wrote in big pink letters, ‘um relax’, satirizing the way that men who participate in street harassment often talk about their victims, dismissing anyone who gets upset as just overreacting.

However, the major conclusion from the experiment, according to Ginny, was that: ‘The lesson here is that no one learned anything.’

And to finish it up, the two female “comedians” grasp for the thin straw of a man who asked “what?” to Soojeong claiming to love his dick. Probably because he hadn’t had genuine, non-negotiated female interest in his dick in so long he wanted to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. I’m suprised the guy didn’t break down crying, claiming he hadn’t been touched in so long. Ginny, the cameraholder in this exercise in feminist futility reveals that no one learned anything. And that’s a shame. Ginny and Soojeong had a great opportunity to learn some things about men. They could have learned that men don’t dwell on the magic power of words that strangers say to them.They could have learned that men’s sense of self doesn’t revolve around their penises the way feminists’ revolve around their vaginas, so when a woman offers a man sex, even if she’s not a Playboy Playmate, he’s not offended by sexual desirability to women is actually boosts men’s egos. Finally, they could have learned that playing “gotcha” games to try and indict society is a poor substitute for rational discourse. But if they were interested in rational discourse, they probably wouldn’t be feminists.







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