Awful Lot of Honkies Here: MSNBC Complains Hillary Rally Is Too Small, Too White

Likely my first and last Family Guy reference.

Team Blue is less and less able to sell the party, much less the American public, on a Hillary Clinton coronation. The people who are wasting valuable air time that could be given to episodes of Lockup, the MSNBC weekend talking heads, opined, not about the lack of ideological diversity, but the lack of racial/sexual diversity in the Hillary crowd. The lack of people was also a source of concern for Team Blue AgitProp Channel #4. MSNBC’s handwringing about “diversity” exposes the problem of marketing-based political campaigning in America, in which Americans are no longer given actual policies to weigh and compare, but are subject to ad campaigns better-suited to selling toothpaste or insurance than electing the head of the executive branch and entrusting them all of the Constitutional powers that office is entails (Choosy Moms Chose Hillary! 9 Out 10 Dentists Choose Rand Paul! Between Love and Madness Lies Bernie Sanders! Good Things Happen When Ben Carson Comes To Town! Marco Rubio: Good To The Last Drop! You’re In Good Hands with Obama! Black Lesbian Trade Unionists For [Insert Candidate Here]!)



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