Domestic Abuser Claims She Was Raped At Universal Studios

24-year-old Clermont woman Theresa Marie Gaitan, already charged with domestic abuse, added false rape to her list of legal problems. Gaitan lied to the police about being raped at Universal Studios, claiming that “a man with black teeth” threw her to the ground in the parking garage and raped her.

Rather than just believing her, the police actually investigated her claim. Based on review of the surveillance tapes in the garage (not a rape in sight) and her phone calls (never mentioned being raped), the police did what any rape culture-loving patriarchs would do: they questioned her claim. Sexist bastards. When faced with physical evidence of her false claim, Gaitan admitted that she lied.

She was already jailed for domestic violence for attacking her ex-boyfriend because he wouldn’t speak to her. Gaitan is currently held without bail for domestic violence, filing a false police report, perjury, and probation violation.

Believe her. Oh, and the county spent $1000 for a sexual assault nurse and a rape kit on a rape that didn’t actually happen. Nice. Very nice.



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