Putting Their Lives on the Line Every Day: Overton Police Bravely Shut Down Black Market Lemonade Stand

The Overton, Texas police, having met their traffic ticket quota for the month, decided that it was in the best interest of the public that they strap on their guns, their bullet proof vests, and their tasers, and go shut down some kids’ lemonade stand. The two outlaw entrepreneurs, Andria and Zoey Green, had a goal of $100 of capital, so they could take their father, an oil field worker, to Splash Kingdom for Father’s Day. May I point out that Splash Kingdom looks pretty kick ass. http://www.splashkingdomwaterpark.com/canton/attractions.html. Good idea, girls. After the girls made $25, Overton’s finest, put their lives on the line and told the mini-capitalists that they were in violation of TX House Bill 970, which requires a $150 permit and a health department inspection. Thankfully, the girls showed the proper respect for AUTHORITAH, and the police forbore from their God given right to slam them to the ground, dislocate their limbs, tase them, crush their windpipes, beat them into submission, or just shoot them. But the girls’ mother, thanks to the power of the internet, discovered a loophole: They could give away the contraband lemonade for free and take donations. Not only did the girls make their goal, gain valuable venture capital and fundraising experience, but Splash Kingdom, after hearing of this latest incident of police dickheadedness and sensing an opportunity for good publicity, gave the girls free passes.

The Copsucker View:

“The law is the law, and the cops have no choice but to enforce it!”


I didn’t know cops checked their moral agency when they put on the badge. I’m glad that when the police get the law to inter the Japanese, or the Jews, or the Blacks, or the Arabs, or whoever else is collectively deemed enemies of the homelands, they’ll have no choice but to obey. It’s not like there have ever been bad laws, or immoral laws or anything, or that they have discretion in the absence of direct orders from superiors.

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