Goofy Bitch Cites The Articles of Confederation; Gets Arrested Anyway

Is it wrong that while watching this I silently offered prayers to Aqua Buddha that the cop would just piledrive this woman’s skull through the windshield of her own car? I know it is, but then I take a breath and remember that these goofy bitches can’t help themselves. They’re like big children. Also take notice that she pulls the False Rape Card WHILE BEING RECORDED.


Sara’s Story: Serial False Rape Accuser and Attention Whore

I'd Like To Speak To A Manager....ABOUT RAPE!!!!!

Sara Ylen of Lexington, Michigan, was convicted for filing a false report, claiming that two men raped her in 2012. The Michigan Court of Appeals upheld her sentence, stating that she had received a fair trial, had been adequately represented, and that her sentence was fair.

A Michigan trial court convicted Ylen in 2014 and sentenced her to five years for filing a false rape report and tampering with evidence. The two men Ylen claimed raped her had alibis. Ylen’s conviction came nearly a year after James Grissom, the man imprisoned for ten years on another false accusation by Ylen, was released from prison.

Sara’s moment in the sun truly came in May 2001 when she went home to her husband, James Ylen, claiming that someone had assaulted her in the parking lot of a Meijer’s in Fort Gratiot. The small cut on her lip she got from this “assault” was not enough to stop her from attending a wedding rehearsal dinner later that day. The next day, she reported an assault (no rape yet) to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office, identifying her attacker as a 30 year old white male with a scraggly dirty beard wearing sunglasses, jeans, and a vest. She also reported to a doctor that she had been physically assaulted, but did not mention sexual assault or rape.

The next day, Ylen called a friend named Fran and claimed that she had been sexually assaulted.

The next day, Ylen went to her gynecologist, complaining that she had been sexually assaulted by digital penetration (layman’s terms: She got finger-banged in the parking lot).

Four months later, in September, on a trip with her husband to Lamont, California, near her childhood home of Bakersfield, Sara Ylen disappeared while having lunch with her mother. The next day, Ylen’s father called the Bakersfield police to report that Sara called him and told him that she had been kidnapped, raped, and was being held in a windowless room. Dad also told the police that the story was just a smokescreen and Sara liked to have a lot of attention (false rape? To get attention? Nooooo……)

The Bakersfield Police tracked Ylen to Fresno and found that she was there with a friend, Katina Mamigonian. Mamigonian told the police that Ylen told her that she had been raped several times and that her husband was in on it. Ylen also claimed that she had been hiding out in Colorado where her brother had also raped her. She described the attacker, spun a fanciful tale about being kidnapped at knifepoint, raped, robbed, and forced to take drugs. Later, Ylen recanted on the story and told the police that she had actually called Mamigonian and been picked up at the restaurant. In a separate conversation with the police, Ylen claimed that she had been raped in the Bakersfield Square parking lot before having lunch with her mother the day before. She also claimed that a friend of her brother raped her in a hotel she could not name while she and her husband traveled to California. Ylen’s mother contradicted this story, stating that Ylen had entered the restaurant with everyone else. The next day, Ylen claimed that she had been raped in the parking lot by a “dirty” man at knifepoint and penetrated with a flashlight.

Mamigonian’s finance, realizing he was dealing with a Single White Female situation, called the Fresno police and told them how Ylen and Mamigonian met in an online rape victim support group 18 months before (Do that math. The alleged rape was in May, four months before. Ylen was trawling rape victim support groups over a year before that). Ylen claimed that her brother and his friends had gangraped her, been tried and convicted. Ylen also claimed that the brother had gotten out a week prior to her arrival in California, found her hiding in Colorado and raped her again. The Bakersfield police concluded that Ylen was lying and possibly mentally unstable. They did not see fit to file charges against her and sent her back on her merry way where she would put an innocent man in prison for a decade.

In June 2002, Ylen called the St. Clair Sheriff’s Office and claimed that she had seen her “attacker” driving behind her in a black Jeep. When the deputies could not find this man or his car, Ylen recanted her story, saying that she hadn’t actually seen the man. It was at this point, over a year later, that Ylen spices up the story a little more, claiming that her attacker had actually raped her in that Meijer’s parking lot.

In October 2002, after five days of looking through 7500 photographs, Ylen identified James Grissom, an employee of the Fort Gratiot Meijer’s, as the man who raped her. On November 7, 2002, the Sheriff’s office notified Grissom that they wanted him for a line-up. Grissom, over a decade older than the man Ylen originally described as having attacked her (now raped her), appeared for the line-up. However, without any hair, Ylen could not pick Grissom out of the line-up.

Undeterred by a noticeable lack of physical evidence and a complainant with serious credibility problem, prosecutors proceeded to trial. During the trial, Ylen wove a colorful tale of how a man with “dirty” clothes (notice how these rapists are constantly “dirty”?) knocked her back into her minivan, punched her in the face. When she told him to just “take what he wanted” he called her a stupid bitch and stuck his fingers in her vagina. When he stuck his penis in her, she lost consciousness. When she came to, he was gone (really? REALLY?) Ylen recounted how the “rape” had made her fearful, made her son cry, and caused a rift in her marriage, but now she was strong enough to take charge, not be afraid anymore, and LIE THROUGH HER TEETH.

The jury found Grissom guilty as charged on August 27, 2003.

A year later, in October 2004, Ylen returned to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office, accusing her father and brother of having raped her when she was a child. Simultaneously, she reported to the Huron County Sheriff’s Office that she had been raped in California. It was at this point that the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the Bakersfield police and learned about the events of September 2001 and forwarded the reports to Grissom’s attorneys. This was the beginning of eight years of appellate court battles to get the Michigan legal system to undo its mistake in sending James Grissom to prison.

In 2009, Ylen claimed that she had a rare form of white blood cell cancer, multiple myeloma and Osteolytic lesions (bone loss). She claimed that she developed this cancer as a result of HPV contracted from her (false) rape by Grissom. In the following years, she defrauded Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan for $94,000 in hospice care payments to Mercy Hospice.

On September 18, 2012, Sara Ylen returned to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office, claiming that she had been raped by two men. These two men had alibis for the day and time Ylen claimed that she was raped.

On November 19, 2012, after nearly a decade of appeals and court battles and washing dishes in prison, Judge Cynthia Lane dismissed the case against James Grissom and he was released from prison.

On May 6, 2013, Sanilac County prosecutors charged Ylen with 4 counts of false pretenses, using a computer to commit a crime, and health-care fraud false statement. Soon after, Ylen was charged for filing a false report and tampering with evidence. Ylen received five years for her 14 years of lies, manipulation, and carnage.

Mike Connell, the newspaper columnist who wrote a multi-part piece of Pulitzer-bait entitled, “Sara’s Story,” chronicling Sara’s fabricated battle against adversity, comparing her to the Biblical Patriarch Job, said of Ylen, after her lies were finally exposed:

“Sara is innocent until proven guilty, but if she did pull off an elaborate con, consider what genius it required. …She has a brilliant mind. I recognized that straightaway.”

The feminist cult of “BELIEVE HER-ism” will be as quiet as mice pissing on cotton when it comes to Sara Ylen. Those who repeat “1 in 4” women will be raped/sexually assaulted/catcalled/inconvenienced as an article of faith will wave off this sorry story as an aberration and James Grissom as acceptable collateral damage on the path of a gynocentric utopia. Claire McCaskill & Co. who are busy pushing college sexual assault kangaroo courts with more fervor than advocates of Shariah courts won’t blink twice at the ease with which Sara Ylen screwed James Grissom out of his due process rights while shouting that college students should be thrown out of college and have their reputations destroyed with no due process at all. Meanwhile, the Mike Connells of the world, the feminist quislings of America will look at the destruction of an innocent man and say:


“Consider what genius it required.”



Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes: Featuring Robin Wright

A rich white woman says stupid shit today. I know, I know. Today, fire continued to be hot, water continued to be wet, the St. Louis Rams continued to be a terrible football team. Robin Wright, who we old fogies might remember as Buttercup in the Princess Bride, Jenny in Forrest Gump (damn near a documentary on female nature), and most recently Claire Underwood in House of Cards, called for a female revolution and a female Che Guevara to lead it. But let Buttercup herself tell it:

‘We need a revolution, we really do,’ declares Robin Wright. ‘Thank God gender equality is finally being talked about and making news, but we need a female Che Guevara.’

Set aside the fact that Buttercup seems to either not know, or not appreciate (she’s a hoe, why would she need to know history?) that revolutions tend to violent, brutal, and usually end with the wrong people seizing power, let’s instead deal with this notion of a “female Ernesto “Che” Guevara.”

Che Guevara was a piece of shit.

The myth of Che Guevara, enforced by the police state he helped Fidel Castro create, and the Soviet Union he so greatly admired, would have the world believe that Che was a mish-mash of Mao Tsetung, Buddha, Robin Hood, and Byron all rolled into a tragically misunderstood ally of the poor.

In the wake of the Marxist overthrow of the Batista government, Che, pulling generously from the playbook of his idol, Josef Stalin, established the first Cuban gulag Guanahacabibes. The list of “crimes” for which one could be imprisoned at the first of many these Guevaran hellholes was disrespect for authority, laziness, and playing loud music. Eventually, Guevara’s Guanahacabibes model was expanded to other parts of Cuba, along with the list of prisoners: homosexuals, Afro-Cubans, Catholics, and dissidents in general under UMAP (Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción)

Che Guevara was the “chief prosecutor” at the La Cabana fortress who oversaw the “trials” of accused enemies of the revolution. In trials that would make a Jacobin blush and a Bolshevik beam with pride, Guevara oversaw the executions of several thousand people.

Che Guevara attempted to provoke a nuclear war between the United States and Cuba. Yes, that is correct, Che Guevara thought “the Cuban people” (those who survived the nuclear holocaust) would be best served by having their island completely irradiated by American nukes. Thankfully, Kennedy was a pussy and Kruschev got the American missiles out of Turkey, so sanity prevailed and Che felt betrayed. How dare those Russians not blow up the world in the name of the people’s glorious revolution!

This is just a brief sample of Che’s “good work” in Cuba, without ever touching on his megalomaniacal forays into Africa and South America which would blessedly be his end. And women need a Che Guevara, herd the enemies of the Vaginal Revolution into gulags to be worked to death, or maybe just lined up against the wall and shot. Or maybe she thinks female Che would just lead a few Slutwalks and all of the evil men would give up power upon seeing the error of their Patriarchal ways. Then women could take their rightful places and the gods of this fallen world.

But wait! Robin Wright has even more goofy shit she’d like to say!

It is a man’s world. Most industries are a man’s world. But when you break it down… it’s women [who do the work]. But they don’t necessarily get the credit. I think we know how to do house-cleaning very well, in more ways than one.’

What the ever-loving hell does “we know how to do house-cleaning very well” even mean? Is this goofy bitch scrubbing toilets? Cleaning windows? Patching walls? Industries requiring some level of physical labor or rational thinking are a man’s world and probably the last world where men can actually get shit done in the absence of women’s deleterious influence. But by all means, if Robin Wright wants to assume her place on the oil rig or in a lumber mill, don’t let me stop her. But you can’t keep society functioning from the comfort of an air-conditioned office in this month’s newest Jimmy Choo’s while you seek emotional validation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Tinder and whatever other electronic crutch exists.

I do believe in feminism, yes,’ she nods. ‘But that is not to deny the biological differences. They [men] are stronger in some ways, we are stronger in some ways. We have better tactical talents than they do in some ways, and they [have better ones] in others, and that is why we are a great balance.’

The truth, wrapped up in a nugget of female bullshit. She’s happy to let the feminists shit on, vilify, and attack men, but please, continue to do the hard work that keeps society functioning, because men are “stronger.” Robin is right (get it? Ha? No? Forget you then). Men are stronger because we have to be. The world doesn’t give a shit if we cry. The world doesn’t give a shit if we hurt. The world doesn’t tell us how “strong” and “empowered” we are. The world slaps a man in the face, tells him to rub some dirt on it, and go forth to take what he wants if he has the strength of will to do it. But most crucial is that WOMEN demand that men be stronger. Women don’t respect men they perceive as weaker than themselves. Women don’t lust after men they perceive as weaker than themselves. Women don’t even have the decency to show grace and courtesy to a man they perceive as weaker than themselves.

You know what? Bring on the revolution and the female Che Guevara. Let’s see how well that works out for you, Princess. But don’t look for Wesley, Forrest, or Frank to save you.


Two Men Falsely Accused of Rape Found Not Guilty

Two men found not guilty of raping a woman at a Middlesbrough flat have said they “have been through hell”.

Robert Ehima, 27 and Yonaton Rapetti, 26, were both acquitted of raping a woman in her 20s at Rapetti’s home after a night out in March 2011.

The jury found both defendants not guilty after deliberating their verdict for less than an hour.


During the trial at Teesside Crown Court, jurors were told that the complainant was an “attention seeker” who told a “catalogue of lies”.

The jury were told that she made up a false rape claim after her mother said to her “You’ve been raped, you”.


The court heard he [Ehima] had said nothing to the complainant apart from a brief exchange where she complimented him on his hairstyle, before he went home in a taxi.

He said he was shocked to hear months later of allegations that he and Yonaton Rapetti, 26, raped her.

Rapetti told the court: “I didn’t do anything” and denied he and the woman had ever had sex or kissed.

Sound familiar? Like the asshole mother in Canberra who helped her daughter set up not one, but two men with false rape claims? Asshole mother produces asshole daughter who proceeds to engage in assholery to the detriment of innocent victims everywhere.


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Woman Falsely Claims She Was Raped So She Can Change Her Work Schedule

A bus driver in Bogota who reported being the victim of a gang rape was found to have concocted the whole story, apparently to force a change in her working hours, and must now answer in court for her false complaint, the police and Attorney General’s Office of Colombia said Monday.

Last Friday the bus driver, 35, the mother of three children, reported being sexually assaulted the night before by at least three people who got on the bus, which was empty of any other passengers, and forced her to go off her route.

Police revealed on Monday, however, that there was no evidence of the driver being sexually abused and added that she apparently made up the whole story so the bus company would change her work schedule.

“Why would a woman lie about rape?” Reason #829: To get her work schedule changed.


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False Rape Accuser Is Severely Punished…With Strong Words of Advice

A woman who made a false rape claim will not be charged, police said today.

The woman has now been given “strong words of advice” by officers after it emerged the incident never happened.

She told police she was sexually assaulted on Kenilworth Road in Billingham yesterday.

But Cleveland Police has decided against bringing criminal charges against her.

A spokeswoman said today: “The woman has been given strong words of advice by police for her actions.”

Well golly gee, I guess she’s learned her lesson. Sure she put a man at hazard for his life and wasted the state’s time and resources. But she got a stern talking to so everything is good. No blood, no foul.


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HBO Prepares Feminist Propaganda Campaign Against UFC; Will Dana White Tap Out?

The HuffingPaint published this cute piece of feminist agitprop a few days ago. Now, they’re going after the UFC. Let’s enjoy it together.

It’s been nearly a year since Christy Mack suffered a horrific attack on August 8, 2014, allegedly at the hands of her former partner, MMA fighter War Machine.

More tragically, Christy Mack has retired from porn and is no longer fellating nerds for LEGOs.

The photos and injuries are stomach-turning and detailed in the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” in a report by David Scott scheduled to air Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. However, what is most alarming is that Mack is far from alone in her suffering.

The suffering of women? The suffering of porn-whores? Or the suffering of people who substitute tattoos for personalities?

 While domestic violence in the NFL has been the focus of many media reports and much criticism, figures reported by “Real Sports” show that the rate of domestic abuse arrests among MMA fighters is more than triple that of professional football players.

*Insert something about lies, damned lies, and statistics*

The show, citing the Bureau of Justice Statistics, states that for every 100,000 American men aged 18 to 39, 360 are arrested for domestic violence. That number drops to 210 for the NFL, they said, using numbers from the USA Today database.

Not even one half of one percent of men between 18 and 39 take a DV arrest. Somehow, this doesn’t fit into the Mackinnon-Dworkin narrative that all men are rapists/abusers/Patriarchs/Satan. But the rate is even LOWER for the NFL? And they had to cough up millions of dollars in tribute and grovel before the feminist pressure groups?

Yet HBO’s own research — delving into the backgrounds of hundreds of American-born MMA fighters since 2003 throughout various weight classes — found that the adjusted rate among top-ranked MMA fighters skyrockets to 750.

“HBO’s own research,” or bullshit they came up with to make the narrative juicier. Pay attention to the word selection, “among top-ranked MMA fighters.” I could prove that doctors are inclined to be pedophiles if I pick my sample group carefully enough.

 The sport, Scott reported, has been plagued by a “constant drum beat of domestic violence incidents.”

Naked fearmongering. Next.

High-profile domestic assault cases involving MMA fighters have commanded headlines, including a handful from last year mentioned in the show: Thiago Silva, arrested in February 2014 for various charges including allegedly putting a revolver in his estranged wife’s mouth (all charges were dropped in September); Kyacey Uscola, who was sentenced to 10 years that same month for assaulting the mother of his child, an attack that left her with a punctured lung and eight broken ribs.

With regard to Thiago Silva, the charges were dropped because Thaysa Kamiji (who is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) refused to cooperate with the police and fled the country, after cheating on Silva with ANOTHER FIGHTER, Pablo Popovitch.

But none got quite as much attention as Mack and War Machine, who legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver. Mack said the abuse started about four months into their relationship, which began in the spring of 2013. During their time together, the fighter even tweeted that he “raped” Mack, which she now says was not the joke she covered for at the time.

Red flag: When your boyfriend legally changes his name to WAR MACHINE, you goofy bitch.

 Following the alleged August 2014 incident, Mack escaped to a hospital, her nose broken, liver lacerated and teeth shattered. The fighter also allegedly stabbed Mack, sawed off her hair with a kitchen knife and sexually assaulted her.

War Machine is currently in jail awaiting trial that is scheduled for September. He has pleaded not guilty to the over 30 charges stemming from the alleged attack on Mack and another man who was in her home at the time.

The “Real Sports” segment — which includes graphic photographs and descriptions of the alleged assault — echoes the increasing calls for the UFC to establish a stricter domestic abuse policy, as well as to raise its standards for men who are given MMA contracts, some of whom have had past records of assault.

When will US Soccer implement some domestic abuse policies with regards to women players (Hope Solo)? How about the WNBA (Britney Griner and Glory Johnson)? Why is it the business of the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, etc., what fighters do in the four walls of their house that has nothing to do with professional fighting? If a fighter is outside of the cage, beating people up, that’s a matter for the law to deal with.

UFC president Dana White, who declined to be interviewed by HBO, has been slammed for hypocrisy in how UFC handled fighters charged with domestic abuse.

Slammed by who?

“You don’t bounce back from putting your hands on a woman,” White said in an interview with Fox Sports Live last September.

Yet fighters with convictions have returned to the ring.

Such as?

It’s becoming an increasing problem for the sport. Not even two weeks ago, the UFC released a statement on yet another fighter accused of assault, Travis Browne.

Accused, not convicted. But what am I saying? Men don’t get the presumption of innocence because that Y Chromosome automatically makes them guilty.

“The prevention of domestic violence and the education of the athletes is of the utmost importance to the organization,” the statement read, adding that the fighter was removed from an upcoming event. “UFC holds its athletes to the highest standard and will continue to take appropriate action if and when warranted.”

Perhaps even more insulting is that in addition to the statement on Browne and other fighters facing allegations, the UFC also touted its own Ronda Rousey for calling out boxer Floyd Mayweather for his record of domestic violence.

Yeah Ronda, who gets paid to beat up women.

First issue: This is such a blatant shakedown move. In light of the Ray Rice incident, the feminists were able to shake the NFL out of millions of dollars ( to finance this domestic violence nonsense, in addition to lots of on-air bowing and scraping, re-education classes. If Forbes is to be believed, the UFC is worth about $1.65 billion ( That’s not as big as the NFL pie, but it’s still a pretty big pie that the feminists don’t have their fingers in. The easiest way to deal with this is to say “if you get convicted of a DV, you’re done”. Morals clauses in the contracts is the fix.

The second issue is a critique of the women involved in this. I’ll just preclude the typical female bullshit right off the bat: “Are you saying she deserved to be beaten?” Just like I wrote with Kevin Sutherland and as is the case with most crimes, what someone “deserved” is irrelevant. People don’t “deserve” to assaulted, or beaten, or raped, or murdered, or robbed. But people can put themselves in a bad position, they can increase their chances of having bad stuff happen to them, like walking around with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pocket, or sleeping in the bear cage at the zoo, or dating men named WAR MACHINE.

With that having been said, these women date these guys because, this is the type of men they are attracted to. Refer to the story of Thiago Silva. His wife jumped from him, to another fighter. The newest GURL POWAH icon, Ronda Rousey, said, half-joking, that she wants to 57 babies with Fedor Emilianenko, another fighter known as “The Last Emperor” ( Interestingly, Emilianenko doesn’t think women should be professional fighters ( Purely speculating, the type of women who are attracted to fighters, warriors, soldiers, do it not only because they get to have a man who physically superior to other men, but they also get the emotional high of being able to say to themselves, they have leashed this superior physical specimen with their vaginas, that they have some control over this dangerous man who is an object of fear and respect to other men. What they don’t appreciate is that the leash is purely illusory, and whatever control they have exists solely in their own minds.

Tell'em, Bane.

Third and last issue: The HBO special is not out, but I have no reasonable belief that it will be anything other than a fearmongering puff-piece. Christy Mack will cry a lot, dramatic music will be played, video will be edited in such a way as to paint the fighters it follows as knuckle-dragging thugs, which some professional fighters are, but a minority, in the same way a slim minority of men actually assault their wives or girlfriends. But that won’t deter feminists from their wagging their fingers at men who don’t beat anybody and just want to watch a football game or an MMA fight or HBO and the corporate media which panders to the feminists.