Kevin Sutherland: Life, Death, Politics, and Irony

Last week, aspiring member of the D.C. parasite caste, Kevin Sutherland, was stabbed to death by Jasper Spires. Spires, according to the police, tried to rob Sutherland of his cell phone. Sutherland resisted. Spires stabbed Sutherland between 30 to 40 times with a small knife, then kicked him in the head.

Kevin Sutherland

Kevin Sutherland, 24, of Trumbull, CT, was a “Digital Strategist” for the New Blue Initiative in Washington D.C. For those unfamiliar with this particular political pressure group, their cause du jour is to turn Texas Democrat. By all indications, Kevin was a good little Team Blue acolyte. He stumped for Congresscritter Jim Hines of his native Connecticut and interned for the same. He was a member of the American University college Democrats. He was even an amateur photographer, which lets you know that he was a sensitive and artistic soul and such.

Ordinarily, such a death would go unremembered and unremarked save by the people who knew him personally, as most deaths are, but for a few factors. First, Mr. Sutherland, among his Team Blue bona fides, wrote an interesting blog post in the wake of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, applauding the Connecticut legislature’s ban on magazines capable of holding over a certain number of rounds, background checks on all gun sales, and registration of owners who already had magazines that could hold 10 rounds or more. Sutherland also praised Colorado’s imposition of background checks at the expense of the buyer. Sutherland also sermonized on Facebook about how “terrible” the Confederate battle flag, claiming that Dylann Roof was a “product of his environment” when, in Roof’s own words, he was a product of his own suffering, lack of discernment, and trust in questionable sources. Sutherland also claims that in order to “respect” the victims of the Charleston South Carolina church shooting (who are dead and thusly beyond all mortal concerns, including respect) requires acknowledging the factors that lead to the shooting (more Progressive nonsense babble). Yes, the flag “made” Roof shoot 9 people, just like Mommy’s guns “made” Adam Lanza shoot his mother, then kill 20 kids.

But Sutherland was in a place where the Confederate flag is not readily in evidence, Washington D.C., but the flag of the federal government is (under which segregation was propagated, but that’s a topic for another day).He was also a resident of a city which has some of the harshest gun restrictions in the United States. So how did Sutherland die? At the point of a knife and the bottom of another man’s shoe, like a bug. Not a Confederate flag or gun in sight. Did Sutherland “deserve” to die? That’s an irrelevant question. Most of the people in this world who die did not commit any act that justified their deaths. Conversely, many of the people in this world who deserve to die manage to live long, satisfying lives. But if someone had to run afoul of Jasper Spires on the Fourth of July, better that it was Kevin Sutherland, a firm believer in the disarmament of citizens, an enemy of the liberty of people to fly the flag of a failed rebellion in defense of slavery, and an aspiring member of the parasitic political caste, which produces nothing of value, but seeks to control everything of value, than someone else, someone who wasn’t a true believer or political operative.

Jasper Spires

There’s little information on the suspect, Jasper Spires. According to the ALWAYS reliable friends, associates, and attention seekers on social media, he was a good boy who didn’t do nothing. Spires was college student at Louisburg College, a two-year Methodist school in Louisburg, North Carolina, majoring in environmental engineering, and graduate of Wilson High School (ironically named for a man who was an avowed racist, Woodrow Wilson. I wonder when is going agitate for changing all of the Woodrow Wilson stuff). According to his half-brother, Paul Spires, Jasper was one of 12 siblings (red flag), and he can’t imagine how Jasper would have done such a thing. Most interestingly, D.C. police arrested Spires two days before for another attempted robbery. The prosecutor in that case, in his or her judicial wisdom, opted to knock the charge down to simple assault and cut Spires loose to await trial. Oops.

What’s interesting is that Jasper Spires has become the new poster-boy against “synthetic” drugs in D.C. Since he didn’t have a gun, or wave a Confederate flag, the political caste needed to make sure this tragedy didn’t go to waste, so the D.C. police claimed that he was high on synthetic drugs. Interestingly, when he was tested for drugs, it came back negative. They did not bother to test for synthetic drugs at all. But the political caste wouldn’t dare let a little thing like a lack of evidence fuck up a perfectly good power grab. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed an emergency law empowering the police to halt the sale of “synthetic drugs” in the District. Doesn’t this sound like a rehash of that whole Len Bias thing? You know, the media said “it’s the crack!” The politicians said, “it’s the crack!” The black overseers/leadership said, “it’s the crack!” Then the drug tests and autopsies come back. No crack in his system, but a hell of a lot of powder cocaine. Contrary facts don’t stop the political class from implementing the harsh mandatory minimums on crack.

And you wonder why it doesn’t trouble me when members of the political class die.

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