False Rape Accuser Gets Probation; Accused Would Have Gotten Life

Karen Farmer, 35, told police that a man had sexually assaulted her while travelling from Glasgow to Blantyre.

However, she had consented to having sex with the man, having been on a date with him on the hours leading up to the journey

Farmer, from Paisley, made the claim after he ran off and left her once they got off the train.

She later alleged that the 23-year-old she had been intimate with was “aggressive and controlling” which led to him being detained at his work and questioned by police.

Farmer previously pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to falsely claiming she was raped and causing police to devote their time and services in an investigation she knew was false.

She will be supervised for the next three years as a condition of her community payback order.

Under Scottish law, he was facing a possible life sentence for the unpardonable offense of rape. For lying about being raped, she gets…3 years of probation.

Tell me a little more about this War on Women.



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