(False) Rape In The Woods Leads to Multi-State Manhunt

The Post Reports – Brookhaven Police Department (BPD) Detectives have charged and arrested Anamirna Cabello-Loeza, 31, of Brookhaven for making false statements.

Cabello-Loeza alleged in April that Roberto Gaona-Pina assaulted and raped her in a wooded area near Buford Highway, leading to a manhunt that stretched to Alabama.

In their investigation, BPD Detectives determined Cabello-Loeza’s stories were conflicting and not truthful – leading Detectives to drop the charges against Gaona-Pina in late June.

On Wednesday July 1, 2015, Cabello-Loeza turned herself in at the Brookhaven Police Department and was transported to the DeKalb County Jail under felony charges.

How dare these evil, Patriarchal penis-wielders not just “believe her” and actually gather evidence that contradicts Ms. Cabello-Loeza’s story.




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