Father of Dead False Rape Accuser Speaks

The father of a woman who killed herself days before she was due in court to face a charge of making a false rape claim has lodged an appeal with the Attorney General asking for the inquest into her death to be quashed.

David de Freitas wants a fresh inquest and is also campaigning for a public inquiry.

His daughter, Eleanor who had bi-polar affective disorder was to stand trial for perverting the course of justice when she took her own life.


A verdict of suicide was recorded. David de Freitas says:

My concern has been to explore the conduct of the CPS and their alleged failures in the context of the very important wider public interest issues raised. I hope that by having a fresh inquest with the scope widened to include the CPS, or a public inquiry, that answers can be found and important lessons learned so that no other vulnerable young woman or her family are forced to deal with what Eleanor and our family have been forced to come to terms with.


This is why women are never held responsible for things, except in the event of overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence. Daddy’s little princess lied. She was clearly caught lying. The man she lied about took it seriously enough that he was willing to finance a private prosecution (P.S. private prosecution was once legal in America, before the rise of the public prosecutor and all that office entails) to clear his name and settle the record. Rather than sack up, stand up, and admit the lie, Daddy’s little princess took her own life, and the world is better for it.

But Daddy doesn’t take any issue with his little princess lying. He doesn’t take issue with the fact that his little princess nearly ruined a man’s life (because hey, what is a MAN’S life worth anyway?). He doesn’t take issue with his little princess wasting the court’s time and the public’s resources. No, his issue is that his little princess was forced to deal with actual consequences for her bad acts.

False rape accusers are raised by asshole parents like David de Freitas.




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