Soldier Falsely Accused of Rape Sues City For False Imprisonment

COLUMBUS, Ga. — One man says he plans to sue the city for false imprisonment in connection to a rape report made by Renee Eldridge.

Defense attorney Kyle Fisher says his client was a suspect for Eldridge’s rape even after he was cleared by DNA evidence.

Last week, WRBL News 3 investigated a theory given to us by Renee Eldridge’s sister — that the man who raped Renee late last year may have been responsible for her disappearance and murder.


A police report obtained by News 3 says Eldridge implicated a Fort Benning soldier for her attack. In the report, Eldridge said on December 20, 2014, she was surprised, tied up and raped inside her home.

Police say they arrested the man Eldridge identified as her attacker, but he was released after his DNA did not match the sample found on Eldridge at the scene of the crime.

Wednesday, the unnamed soldier’s lawyer said the Columbus Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit kept his client as a suspect even after he was cleared.

“It was a false imprisonment, he did not commit this crime and they did not test the DNA, I believe, quickly enough,” says Fisher. “He lost 2.5 months worth of pay, his career suffered, he was flagged, he lost security clearance [and] in addition he was jailed for 2.5 months.”


So this woman is a bit more sympathetic than the English Suicide Chick, if only because they guy who actually might have done the crime is behind bars. But this guy had a nuke dropped on his life because the chick actually ID’d him to the police. Rather than just believing her, though, the police actually got the DNA evidence that exonerated him. Granted, they were assholes for keeping him one second after the results came back, but asshole cops are another topic.

I hope he wins his case, but I don’t know how strong Georgia’s municipal liability laws are.

Good luck, soldier-boy.



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