Serial False Rape Accuser Strikes Again in Georgia

A Richmond County sheriff’s deputy accused of raping a woman in April has been cleared, authorities said Friday.

The 33-year-old woman told Columbia County sheriff’s investigators that Richmond County sheriff’s Cpl. Jason Turner raped her at his Martinez home on April 9 and took photos of her with his phone.

The Columbia County sheriff’s office investigated the accusations while Richmond County opened an internal investigation into the officer’s conduct. Due to lack of evidence, the officer was not charged and remained on active duty. A rape kit was completed and sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The results came back negative last week. “There is no evidence that a sexual assault or any crime occurred,” Columbia County sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris said Friday.

Usually, I’m all in favor of cops taking whatever charge that can be made to stick to them. In this case, it looks like the procedures were followed, the rape kit was tested. Interestingly, there’s some new slacktivist Twitter bullshit out there that goes #TestTheKits (reference to backlog of rape kits in various jurisdictions). If these lazy broads have $1000 per kit to fund this glorious enterprise, more power to them. But the woman in this case spun this BS story, wasted investigators’ time, wasted funds that could have been used to test rape kits in actual instances of rape (remember #TestTheKits).

But this is not her first ride at the False Rape Rodeo:

A woman who accused a Richmond County sheriff’s deputy of rape last week made a similar allegation against another man last year.

In a report filed with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office on July 11, 2014, the 33-year-old Martinez woman said a friend raped her in a hotel room five months earlier. The woman said she and a longtime friend went out to eat. The pair argued and went back to a hotel on Boy Scout Road in Augusta to watch movies.

The woman said she rolled over to go to sleep and her friend began tickling, then kissing her. When her friend got on top of her, the woman said she pushed him off and told him “No” several times, according to the report. The woman said her friend stopped.

After falling asleep, the woman said she woke to find her friend on top of her. He swore when she opened her eyes and looked at him, according to the report. The woman, who said she rolled over and went back to sleep, said her friend was still in the room when she awoke at about 11 a.m. and they talked until he left for work at about 2 p.m.

The woman said she kept in contact with the man for a few weeks.

Really? REALLY?! Who just has a nice conversation with their “rapist” the morning after? Then keeps in contact with them for a few weeks after, just in case they want to have a another go? Goofy. Bitches. That’s who. But wait! There’s more!

The woman also called authorities twice on Feb. 13 to report battery at the hands of her husband and mother-in-law. At about 7 a.m., the woman said she and her husband were arguing about a sick child when her husband punched her in the face several times, threw her down and kicked her several times. She said he then, slammed her head into a door, according to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The only visible injury was a small scratch on the woman’s forehead.

Her husband said that during the argument, his wife attacked him and slapped him across the face. He told deputies that he pushed her away and tried to walk away, but his wife jumped on his back, according to the report. The woman’s husband said he pulled away, which is when she fell and hit her head on the door, and he left.

No one was charged and the woman’s husband said he’d seek a divorce and wanted no more contact with his wife.

More than an hour later, the woman called authorities again claiming she was assaulted by her mother-in-law. She said her mother-in-law came into her house looking for a compressor and she followed her mother-in-law around the house because of the earlier incident with her husband. She said her mother-in-law hit her with her left arm, according to the report.

Either this woman is just catnip for assholes, or the common denominator in all of her troubled interpersonal relationships is her. I’m going to go with the latter.



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