False Rape Accuser Gets Three Year Sentence in Dubai

Dubai: A receptionist, who got drunk and falsely reported to the police that a chauffeur had raped her in his residence, was sentenced to three years in jail.

The 20-year-old Moroccan receptionist dialled 999 to inform Dubai Police that a 42-year-old Iranian chauffeur had invited her for a drink to his flat where she claimed he had forced sex with her in April.

A police patrol was dispatched to the location immediately after the woman alleged that she had been beaten, raped and robbed.

Dubai Police’s forensic examiners reported that the woman did not have any bruises or bodily injuries to justify her allegations that she had been raped. The reports indicated that she had had consensual sex.

Police locked up the receptionist pending further investigations and apprehended the chauffeur later based on prosecutors’ warrant.

It’s a sad, shameful state of affairs when the guys who sponsor terrorism have a more enlightened view on false accusations and wasting the state’s resources than the good old US of A.




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