Serial False Rape Accuser in Canberra Goes On Trial

An Australian woman falsely accused her ex of rape in a scheme to extort $90,000 from him. He spent four months in jail before the police cleared him of the charges last December. The police also charged the woman with making false allegations against his family. The ACT Magistrates Court charged the woman with “causing public mischief.”

The woman pled not guilty. Among the stories she told investigators, she claimed that her ex-husband beat her, raped her, and threatened her, once in December 2013 and again in March 2014. The police finally investigated her when she accused her ex-husband’s family of stalking and intimidating her.
She accused the family of running her car off the road and attacking her with a knife. The police discovered that the solitary cut had been made by the woman’s own knife. Police also discovered she had accused the father of one of her friends of sexually assaulting her in 2008.

The woman also claimed that he had assaulted his daughter and two other women. But because she was under 18 when she made the false accusation, her name is suppressed “for her protection.” Prosecutor Anthony Williamson criticized the woman for her greed and the police for their gullibility and lack of objectivity, resulting in the ex spending four months in jail.

Williamson said that he would present numerous witnesses to contradict the woman’s various lies, going all the way back to the 2008 accusations, and how she changed her story when questioned, spicing up the story by alleging that her friend’s father had threatened to kill her family.
Initially, with regard to the case of her ex, she claimed memory loss. However as time passed, her story grew more elaborate. At the same time as the alleged rape happened, the woman instructed her lawyer to demand $90,000 and their shared home from the ex.

This is like reading The Crucible, update for the 21st century, except the ending might be a little happier. But why would a woman lie about rape? Rape is so awful and terrible that nobody would ever lie about it. Not even for $90,000 and a house. I especially enjoy the part where the prosecutor gives the cops a firm swat on the back of the head for their pathetic simping for the ever-innocent woman instead of doing their jobs and investigating the alleged crime. Must be more that damnable Patriarchy that rules the world. This should go to show men that when it comes to it, even if the cops are men, they are not on your side, just like women are not on your side. The cops are on the side of the government first, women second, and men…a distant 23rd.


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