Mother of False Rape Accuser Admits to Helping Daughter Fabricate Case

The story of the Canberra false rape accuser has taken a new twist: In 2008, she made a false accusation against her neighbor who was the father of one of her friends. And mom helped.

The mother was shown the police she made to the police in 2008, alleging that the neighbor had beaten and raped the woman in 2007, in addition to threatening to kill her family. The mother, turned on the waterworks and claimed she could not remember going to the police or the conversation with her daughter. Then she admitted that she had made the entire conversation up.

Mr Kukulies-Smith said: “You made that conversation up, didn’t you?”

She replied: “Yes.”

Mr Kukulies-Smith asked:
“You did so because you wanted what needed to be done, to be done, didn’t you?”

She replied: “Yes.”

She said she never thought she would be caught out over the embellished police statement.

“I’ve put this whole episode out of my mind,” the mother said.

“I thought it was dead and buried.”

When she came to the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday, she tried to suggest the statement had not been made by her, and repeatedly said she had no memory of making it.
“And you were doing this because you hoped this statement would go away?” Mr Kukulies-Smith asked.

She replied: “Yes.”

The neighbor was also accused of raping his own daughters. The mother tried to claim that she was solely responsible for the false rape claim against the neighbor. Prosecutor Anthony Williamson accused her of lying to protect her daughter from facing the charges before the court.
Williamson told the court that the two stories she had told that day, that she couldn’t remember AND that she had lied in 2008 were sufficient to charge the mother with perjury. The neighbor, the first man to be falsely accused of rape by the woman, was called to testify and denied having ever done anything sexual to her.

Raise up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. Raise up a child to make up bullshit rape charges, and she’ll just keep on doing it.


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One thought on “Mother of False Rape Accuser Admits to Helping Daughter Fabricate Case

  1. And what happened to the innocent male neighbor and the effect on his life and family and friends? How is it possible to get even close to compensating the current falsely accused for his experiences and losses (social, emotional, vocational, financial, time unfairly incarcerated ?) caused by this matter and his family and friends? AND where is this ‘lady’s own father in all of this ???


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