Repeat Felon Falsely Accuses Cop of Sexual Assault to Get Out of a Ticket

Caitlin Rae Pals of Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to fight a charge of driving without a license the old fashioned way: accuse the cop of sexual assault. But what she didn’t realize is that the entire stop was recorded on dash cam.

This is not Pals first run in with the law. With her latest conviction for making a false report, Pals is now a THREE time felon. However, in exchange for her guilty plea, Kent County prosecutors will recommend that she serve six months in jail. But Pals has a history of getting sweet deals for committing felonies.

On July 17, 2014, PO John Guerrero pulled Pals over after she drove the wrong way down Caulfield Avenue. A computer check revealed that her license was suspended. A sergeant arrived on the scene and watched Guerrero pat Pals down and arrest her. After she bonded out, Pals filed a complaint alleging that the patdown was actually a sexual assault.

Unamused by Pals’ bullshit, the prosecutor’s office filed a warrant for her arrest, alleging that she filed a false report. Subsequent investigation revealed that she had felony convictions in Kent and Ottawa counties. Pals was convicted in Kent County for passing two bad checks in 2012.

Pals faced 14 years for uttering and publishing, but received one year probation for pleading to a lesser charge. Six months later, police arrested Pals in Ottawa County for felony larceny, carrying a possible sentence of 10 years. Pals pled to attempted larceny received one year of probation.

Caitlin Rae Pals: A three-time felon who has never been to prison.



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