Pennsylvania Parolee Falsely Accused of Rape; Sues Everybody in Federal Court

David Davison of Nicholson, Pennsylvania has filed a federal lawsuit against Stacy Lynn Kennedy of Carbondale and the Pennsylvania Department of Probation and Parole for their roles in a false rape charge brought against him and his 13-day imprisonment.

Kennedy told police that on March 20, Davison entered her home and raped her. The police promptly arrested Davison. A Carbondale detective, rather than just believing her, uncovered surveillance video that showed Davison entered Kennedy’s apartment at 9:44 AM and left one minute later. Davison did not return to the apartment.

Based on the video, the holes in Kennedy’s story, and other evidence supplied by Davison, the police released Davison and charged Kennedy with filing a false report. Davison, through attorney Matthew Comerford of Scranton, PA, filed a lawsuit against Kennedy, the Department of Probation and Parole, and parole officers Christopher Taylor, Michael Novak, and Douglas Sheaffer.

The Department of Probation and Parole had no comment for its blatant simping and “BELIEVE HER-ism.”


Archived Source

Davis v. Kennedy et al.

(Note: Notice in the source article, the headline refers to Kennedy as “victim” even though no crime was committed against her.)


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