HBO Prepares Feminist Propaganda Campaign Against UFC; Will Dana White Tap Out?

The HuffingPaint published this cute piece of feminist agitprop a few days ago. Now, they’re going after the UFC. Let’s enjoy it together.

It’s been nearly a year since Christy Mack suffered a horrific attack on August 8, 2014, allegedly at the hands of her former partner, MMA fighter War Machine.

More tragically, Christy Mack has retired from porn and is no longer fellating nerds for LEGOs.

The photos and injuries are stomach-turning and detailed in the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” in a report by David Scott scheduled to air Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. However, what is most alarming is that Mack is far from alone in her suffering.

The suffering of women? The suffering of porn-whores? Or the suffering of people who substitute tattoos for personalities?

 While domestic violence in the NFL has been the focus of many media reports and much criticism, figures reported by “Real Sports” show that the rate of domestic abuse arrests among MMA fighters is more than triple that of professional football players.

*Insert something about lies, damned lies, and statistics*

The show, citing the Bureau of Justice Statistics, states that for every 100,000 American men aged 18 to 39, 360 are arrested for domestic violence. That number drops to 210 for the NFL, they said, using numbers from the USA Today database.

Not even one half of one percent of men between 18 and 39 take a DV arrest. Somehow, this doesn’t fit into the Mackinnon-Dworkin narrative that all men are rapists/abusers/Patriarchs/Satan. But the rate is even LOWER for the NFL? And they had to cough up millions of dollars in tribute and grovel before the feminist pressure groups?

Yet HBO’s own research — delving into the backgrounds of hundreds of American-born MMA fighters since 2003 throughout various weight classes — found that the adjusted rate among top-ranked MMA fighters skyrockets to 750.

“HBO’s own research,” or bullshit they came up with to make the narrative juicier. Pay attention to the word selection, “among top-ranked MMA fighters.” I could prove that doctors are inclined to be pedophiles if I pick my sample group carefully enough.

 The sport, Scott reported, has been plagued by a “constant drum beat of domestic violence incidents.”

Naked fearmongering. Next.

High-profile domestic assault cases involving MMA fighters have commanded headlines, including a handful from last year mentioned in the show: Thiago Silva, arrested in February 2014 for various charges including allegedly putting a revolver in his estranged wife’s mouth (all charges were dropped in September); Kyacey Uscola, who was sentenced to 10 years that same month for assaulting the mother of his child, an attack that left her with a punctured lung and eight broken ribs.

With regard to Thiago Silva, the charges were dropped because Thaysa Kamiji (who is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) refused to cooperate with the police and fled the country, after cheating on Silva with ANOTHER FIGHTER, Pablo Popovitch.

But none got quite as much attention as Mack and War Machine, who legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver. Mack said the abuse started about four months into their relationship, which began in the spring of 2013. During their time together, the fighter even tweeted that he “raped” Mack, which she now says was not the joke she covered for at the time.

Red flag: When your boyfriend legally changes his name to WAR MACHINE, you goofy bitch.

 Following the alleged August 2014 incident, Mack escaped to a hospital, her nose broken, liver lacerated and teeth shattered. The fighter also allegedly stabbed Mack, sawed off her hair with a kitchen knife and sexually assaulted her.

War Machine is currently in jail awaiting trial that is scheduled for September. He has pleaded not guilty to the over 30 charges stemming from the alleged attack on Mack and another man who was in her home at the time.

The “Real Sports” segment — which includes graphic photographs and descriptions of the alleged assault — echoes the increasing calls for the UFC to establish a stricter domestic abuse policy, as well as to raise its standards for men who are given MMA contracts, some of whom have had past records of assault.

When will US Soccer implement some domestic abuse policies with regards to women players (Hope Solo)? How about the WNBA (Britney Griner and Glory Johnson)? Why is it the business of the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, etc., what fighters do in the four walls of their house that has nothing to do with professional fighting? If a fighter is outside of the cage, beating people up, that’s a matter for the law to deal with.

UFC president Dana White, who declined to be interviewed by HBO, has been slammed for hypocrisy in how UFC handled fighters charged with domestic abuse.

Slammed by who?

“You don’t bounce back from putting your hands on a woman,” White said in an interview with Fox Sports Live last September.

Yet fighters with convictions have returned to the ring.

Such as?

It’s becoming an increasing problem for the sport. Not even two weeks ago, the UFC released a statement on yet another fighter accused of assault, Travis Browne.

Accused, not convicted. But what am I saying? Men don’t get the presumption of innocence because that Y Chromosome automatically makes them guilty.

“The prevention of domestic violence and the education of the athletes is of the utmost importance to the organization,” the statement read, adding that the fighter was removed from an upcoming event. “UFC holds its athletes to the highest standard and will continue to take appropriate action if and when warranted.”

Perhaps even more insulting is that in addition to the statement on Browne and other fighters facing allegations, the UFC also touted its own Ronda Rousey for calling out boxer Floyd Mayweather for his record of domestic violence.

Yeah Ronda, who gets paid to beat up women.

First issue: This is such a blatant shakedown move. In light of the Ray Rice incident, the feminists were able to shake the NFL out of millions of dollars ( to finance this domestic violence nonsense, in addition to lots of on-air bowing and scraping, re-education classes. If Forbes is to be believed, the UFC is worth about $1.65 billion ( That’s not as big as the NFL pie, but it’s still a pretty big pie that the feminists don’t have their fingers in. The easiest way to deal with this is to say “if you get convicted of a DV, you’re done”. Morals clauses in the contracts is the fix.

The second issue is a critique of the women involved in this. I’ll just preclude the typical female bullshit right off the bat: “Are you saying she deserved to be beaten?” Just like I wrote with Kevin Sutherland and as is the case with most crimes, what someone “deserved” is irrelevant. People don’t “deserve” to assaulted, or beaten, or raped, or murdered, or robbed. But people can put themselves in a bad position, they can increase their chances of having bad stuff happen to them, like walking around with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pocket, or sleeping in the bear cage at the zoo, or dating men named WAR MACHINE.

With that having been said, these women date these guys because, this is the type of men they are attracted to. Refer to the story of Thiago Silva. His wife jumped from him, to another fighter. The newest GURL POWAH icon, Ronda Rousey, said, half-joking, that she wants to 57 babies with Fedor Emilianenko, another fighter known as “The Last Emperor” ( Interestingly, Emilianenko doesn’t think women should be professional fighters ( Purely speculating, the type of women who are attracted to fighters, warriors, soldiers, do it not only because they get to have a man who physically superior to other men, but they also get the emotional high of being able to say to themselves, they have leashed this superior physical specimen with their vaginas, that they have some control over this dangerous man who is an object of fear and respect to other men. What they don’t appreciate is that the leash is purely illusory, and whatever control they have exists solely in their own minds.

Tell'em, Bane.

Third and last issue: The HBO special is not out, but I have no reasonable belief that it will be anything other than a fearmongering puff-piece. Christy Mack will cry a lot, dramatic music will be played, video will be edited in such a way as to paint the fighters it follows as knuckle-dragging thugs, which some professional fighters are, but a minority, in the same way a slim minority of men actually assault their wives or girlfriends. But that won’t deter feminists from their wagging their fingers at men who don’t beat anybody and just want to watch a football game or an MMA fight or HBO and the corporate media which panders to the feminists.



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