Indian Police Report Half of Rape Claims Are False

Indian police risk a year in prison under IPC Section 166, if they do not file cases on rape reports that turn out to be false. From January 2014 to May 2015, there were 400 dowry-related cases in Meerut Mahila. In 122 of those instances, a husband, or his relatives, were accused of rape.

A 25-year-old Hindu woman accused four Muslim men of raping her. Police investigation uncovered her part in a false rape plot to prevent one of the Muslims from testifying in a murder trial. In another case, a married woman eloped with her Dalit lover. When the police located them, the woman accused the Dalit man of raping her. He has been in jail for three months.

A senior police official said that about half of all rape cases the police investigate turn out to be false. Attorney KK Pahwa agreed with the observation and noted that rape accusations are being used as a weapon against husband and their relatives. The Allahbad High Court ruled that the police could not immediately arrest a man, even if he is accused of a crime punishable by seven years imprisonment. However, attorneys are utilizing IPC Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex) and 276D (gang-rape), all containing provisions for immediate arrest. Pahwa claims that charges laid against a husband’s relatives are largely found to be false.


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Straight-A Student Makes False Rape Claim After Wild Week With Her Boyfriend

Marley Spindler, a 16-year-old straight-A student from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, disappeared on August 20th, her first day as a high school junior. She told her friends that she was going to pick up a 22-year-old man she met over the summer named Jeremy. The police found her on Wednesday, safe, when they pulled over her Ford Escape in Mt. Pleasant.
Where the story turns strange is Spindler told the police that a stranger forced his way into her car and ordered her to drive away.

While in custody, Marley Spindler alleged that was abducted and raped during the week she was missing. The police launched an investigation and processed the SUV for evidence. A nurse examined her for evidence of physical trauma consistent with forcible sex.

The investigators came back to question her again. At this point, Spindler admitted that she had made up the entire kidnapping and rape story. The police, being the Patriarchal enablers of rape culture they are, filed a complaint against her for filing a false report, because allowing women to waste the cops’ time and the taxpayers’ money is a sign of true gender equality.

What likely happened is that young Marley went on an extended date with Jeremy, let the man sample her feminine virtue (read: fuck her silly), then she remembered “uh-oh! Mom and Dad might be pissed! Better claim I was raped! That’ll fix everything!”


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India Day Continues! Delhi Court Allows Man to Sue False Rape Accuser

A New Delhi man acquitted of rape under false promise of marriage has standing to sue his accuser for humiliation and emotional trauma. The court allowed him to sue the woman after acquitting him of rape, battery, and criminal intimidation. The acquittal resulted from the woman changing her testimony and stating their sexual relationship was consensual.

Judge Nivedita Anil Sharma stated that the accused had the right to seek damages beyond litigation expenses. Feminist lawyer Indira Jaising helpfully speculated that just because an accuser changes her story doesn’t make an acquittal “honorable.” (I wasn’t aware there were different grades of acquittal. Maybe it’s an Indian Law thing.) She also speculated that maybe they reached a settlement, despite there being no indication of such. Or maybe, the accuser just finally decided to tell the truth. Weird thought, huh?

The woman initially filed her accusation in February 2013, claiming that the man gave her a drugged drink, then raped her. She also claimed that he raped her several more times between February and August, promised to marry her, and threatened to publish “obscene” videos he made of them. She changed her story during the trial, claiming that all of their sexual intercourse was consensual.

The court determined there was no evidence (beyond the accuser’s false statement) that the accused drugged, raped, or beat her, videotaped her, or threatened to publish “obscene” videos of her.


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Indian Woman Arrested In False Rape Scheme to Silence A Witness

A 28-year-old Indian woman was arrested for filing a false rape complaint to prevent a witness in a murder trial from testifying. Delhi police investigated the accusation and determined that no gang-rape occurred. Friends of the defendant tried to pressure the witness into not testifying at Najakat’s trial.

When the witness refused to cooperate, Najakat’s friends concocted the false rape scheme and enlisted the accuser for a sum of money. The woman alleged that the witness made her consume “Lassi” (a cannabis-infused drink) and she passed out.

At the local hospital she accused the witness and some of his friends of raping her. Surveillance footage shows walking to the hospital with Najakat’s friends when she claimed that she had been unconscious the entire time. The police arrested two others in the scheme and expect more arrests in the near future.


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Court Determines Indian Woman Cannot Be Prosecuted For False Rape Claim

A 17-year-old woman will not receive any sanction, despite an admission to lodging a false rape complaint against several men. Judge Vikas Dhull said that the woman could not be prosecuted due to India’s “Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,” barring punishment of minors who make false complaints or give false information.

The court dismissed the charges against all the men, stating that the prosecution failed to prove its case. It appears that her false deposition was the only evidence against them.



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Robbery Suspect Shot Sunday Identified as Justin Greenenwald

The man who attempted to rob a Wauconda liquor store Sunday has been identified as Justin Greenenwald, 30, of Ingleside. A clerk at the Kwick Shop in Lake County shot Greenenwald four times when he showed what appeared to be a handgun and demanded money.

Greenenwald served two-and-half years for a 2011 robbery. He was paroled early last August on his nine-year sentence on that robbery. Greenenwald also had several prior arrests for theft, burglary, and violating a protective order. Greenenwald’s mother testified on his behalf that he had a history of drug abuse.

During the attempted robbery Sunday, the store clerk managed picked up a hidden gun and shot Greenenwald. According to Lake County coroner Thomas Rudd, Greenenwald was shot in the upper chest, both hips, and his left thigh. A preliminary toxicology report came back positive for substances yet to be determined.

Police say Greenenwald wore a mask during the robbery, but didn’t carry any identification. They also say the shooting appears to self-defense but are continuing their investigation.


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Update: Canberra False Rape Accuser Found Guilty in Magistrate Court

A woman who accused her ex-boyfriend of rape and assault has been found guilty of making false accusations and causing public mischief. The ACT Magistrates’ Court convicted the woman after a long series of allegations made against the ex-boyfriend and his family dating back to 2013 and 2014.

The man, spent four months in jail on the woman’s accusation that he raped and beat her twice. The police investigated her claims skeptically after she accused his family of stalking her and running her car off the road. In another instance, she claimed one of the family had attacked her with a knife and showed a shallow cut on her hand as proof.

The police put the woman under surveillance and found that the family wasn’t stalking her, and that she lied about them breaking into her home and stealing her IPad. They also found evidence that she had falsely accused the father of one of her former friends in 2008.

Because she was a minor at the time, her name was suppressed. The state argued during the present trial that the woman’s accusation was motivated by greed, to force the man to give her their shared home and $90,000.

Upon conviction, the state argued to revoke her bail prior to sentencing, stating that she was a flight risk because she faced actual jail time. The terms of her pre-sentencing bail require her to report to the police twice a week, the surrender of her passport, and no contact with the ex-boyfriend or his family.

Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for October.


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