Woman Falsely Accuses Pastor of Rape to Get Her Mother’s Attention

Yohandry Bravo, 39, was released from Bibb County jail after the false rape charges against him were dismissed. Police arrested the Macon, GA pastor two years after his accuser made the accusation and held him without bond until he was released today at 8:45 AM. Prosecutors cited the false statements as the reason for the dismissal.

The accuser’s family moved into Bravo’s home after Bravo’s son, Jose, died after being struck by a car on November 23, 2012. Three months later, the woman accused Bravo of rape. Prior to his arrest, Bravo pastored El Ministerio Internacional Jesús es el Señor, a church of 200-250 people.

Bravo’s attorney, Shane Geeter, told the court that Bravo, a Cuban native, traveled to Central America to officiate a funeral and establish churches in Nicaragua and El Salvador when the state issued warrants against him. When Bravo learned of the charges, he voluntarily returned to the United States. The accuser moved to Indiana in 2013 and claimed that Bravo harassed her online. However, she later admitted that the messages she claimed Bravo sent were actually sent from her computer.

When interviewed by Indiana deputies, the accuser said she sent the messages because “she really needed attention from her mother.”

“Why would a woman lie about rape?” Reason #36: Mommy’s not paying enough attention to her.


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