Backpage Prostitute Shoots Serial Killer


On July 18, 2015, in West Virginia, a Backpage whore did her civic duty and shot Neal Falls of Springfield, Oregon. The whore alleges that she shot Falls after he began strangling her.

In the trunk of Falls’ car, there were handcuffs, knives, axes, a sledgehammer, a bullet-resistant vest, a gun, shovels, and bleach. I don’t know what shows this guy was watching on HGTV. Falls’ choice of travel gear has police investigating Falls’ possible involvement the disappearance of prostitutes in other states.

10 years ago, Falls was a resident of Henderson, Nevada. During his residence, three local prostitutes turned up very dead and very dismembered. One’s legs were found in Springfield, Illinois. Another’s torso turned up in San Bernadino, California.

And Chillcothe, Ohio, another home of Falls, police are investigating a possible connection between Falls, the murder of four prostitutes and the disappearance of two others.

Even whores need the 2nd Amendment. In case serial killer Johns show up looking to kill and dismember them instead of giving them cash and meth.


Archived Source

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