Robber Confesses to Shooting Unarmed Man; Offers No Explanation For Why He Killed Him

John Paul Shobe III, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, pled guilty to murder and first-degree robbery. In 2013, Shobe entered and robbed a Domino’s. He shot and killed Harold Dean Johnson as he fled the scene. Johnson came to the store when his girlfriend, a Domino’s employee, called Johnson and told him that they were being robbed.

Shobe shot Johnson once in the head as he circled to the back of the building. In exchange for Shobe’s guilty plea, he will be sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 20 years.

The plea agreement dismissed the misdemeanor charges against Shobe. During the allocution, and when questioned by Warren County prosecutor Chris Cohron, Shobe stated that Johnson had been unarmed and had not threatened Shobe when he was killed. When asked why he shot Johnson, Shobe gave no answer.

Shobe’s public defender, James Rhorer stated that Shobe shot Johnson because he wasn’t expecting anyone to be behind the store. Johnson’s son called the police to report that his father had been shot in the head. Bowling Green police canvassed the area and obtained a description of Shobe.

A citizen heard Officer Jake Forrester pursuing Shobe and clotheslined him to the ground. Forrester then arrested Shobe. Cohron praised the man for stopping Shobe. When police searched Shobe’s apartment, they found clothing Shobe wore in the robbery, a similar revolver to the one in the robber in the surveillance video used, and a large amount of cash concealed in a Christmas stocking behind a board.

Shobe’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 21st.


Archived Source

If you are comfortable putting your life to the mercy of a robber, who will shoot you and not even have an explanation for why, then I applaud you because you’re a braver man than I am.


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