Woman Accuses Man of Rape After He Refuses To Marry Her; Withdraws the Accusation During Trial

A New Delhi court exonerated a married man accused of raping a divorced woman after she changed her mind on the stand. The court pointed out that, in the absence of physical evidence and with an uncooperative accuser, a man should not be convicted of rape.

The court also noted that courts ought to confine themselves to the law and competent evidence, not by emotions and media propagandizing (*waves to Rolling Stone), and that when the accuser would not cooperate with the state’s case, continuing would be a waste of the court’s time. The court granted the exoneration after the accuser voluntarily withdrew her claim.

The accusation emerged in 2012, when the accuser claimed that her married live-in boyfriend had raped her for two years, because he refused to marry her. The accuser, in the midst of her second divorce, met the accused through a mutual friend and supposedly fell in love (HA!).

During the trial, the accuser changed her mind, stating that all of their sex had been consensual and that they could not get married due to her pending divorce and that the entire case was a big misunderstanding (Never her fault, the police didn’t know what she REALLY meant when she accused a man of rape).

The man denied the charges at every stage, but he’s a man so who gives a damn?


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