Gay False Rape Accusation: Garth Ancier Speaks

Garth Ancier, former corporate media bigwig and  founding father of “The WB” (now CW), wrote a nice “woe is me” piece for the HuffingPaint Post about his trials and tribulations during the homosexual Hollywood rape scandal whipped up by failed actor Michael Egan and his equally sleazy lawyer Jeffrey Herman. It was a salacious tale of Hawaii pool parties and homosexual rape, enough meat and gristle to get the gossipmongers who allegedly call themselves journalists drooling and rushing to publish. Ancier, along with director Bryan Singer and other media baron David Neumann were swept up in this Crucible-esque drama.

Egan’s accusations fell apart in the face of his own sworn depositions and Ancier’s own evidence that he could not have been in Hawaii in 1999, where Egan accused Ancier of raping him. The case was further damaged when it was discovered that Jeffrey Herman and Michael Egan had a list of homosexual men in Hollywood to be targeted for rape accusations.

After Garth Ancier’s fun ride through the American legal system (the Best In The World), he makes a few modest proposals for improvement. Ancier proposes that attorneys do discovery in sexual assault/misconduct cases before filing suit, which putting the cart (discovery) before the horse (complaint), as far as creating and preserving a record that there ever was a dispute to begin with. And it is only the litigation process that creates the obligation to exchange relevant information with an opposing party.

Ancier’s second proposal is that all states adopt the California rule that defendants in sexual misconduct cases remain anonymous until a judge deems the case to have merit. I agree with this. Ancier took a practical course in that old police axiom “You may beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride.” The ride ended his career as a media executive, despite his innocence. This is why, despite the Feminist harpies wailing about “victim-blaming,” the defendant is the one facing penalties imposed by the state and requires protections against the state’s power.

Ancier’s third proposal is for an expedited process in sexual abuse cases. Short of creating a separate, special court, there’s nothing else to really be done and even with special courts (family court, juvenile court, drug court, probate court), a party still has to wait his turn in the docket.

Ancier closes up by touching on the hysteria that surrounded Rolling Stone’s smear of fraternities at UVA in 2014 and the Duke Lacrosse case in 2006, and correctly reminds the reader that allegations are not, by themselves, proof.

In a sane world, this would be the case. But we live in the world of “BELIEVE HER” so in order not to be accused of “enabling rape culture” or “victim-blaming” or whatever other bullshit name-calling histrionics certain people indulge in, people sit on their tongues while reputations and lives are destroyed based on malice and greed.



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