Update: False Rape Accuser Withdraws Guilty Plea; Claims Mental Defect

False rape accuser Hannah McWhirter of Banff, Aberdeenshire withdrew a guilty plea she made in connection with the false rape report, claiming she “suffers” from “semantic pragmatic disorder.” McWhirter’s charges came about after she had a threesome with a co-worker and her husband, then lied about being raped when her boyfriend discovered the affair.

McWhirter’s solicitor withdrew during her sentencing hearing because she told a social worker in the case she was innocent of the crime. McWhirter’s new solicitor appeared today, claiming McWhirter suffered from “semantic pragmatic disorder” and that McWhirter may have entered her previous guilty plea unknowingly.

Ian Houston, the new solicitor, has said it would take some time to locate an expert with the requisite knowledge of McWhirter’s rare condition and that McWhirter may need to travel to England. Sheriff Graham Buchanan continued the case until the psychological report could be filed. The case was continued until later this year.


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