Pennsylvania Man Freed After 34 Years For A Rape He Did Not Commit

Lewis Fogle was released by the state of Pennsylvania after being incarcerated for 34 years for a rape and murder he did not commit. On July 31, 1976, Deann Long was found murdered in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Five years later, Fogle, his brother, and two other men were arrested and charged with the crime.

In what can only be described as a sham of a trial and a blatant mockery of justice, Fogle was convicted on the testimony of three jailhouse informants, all of whom claimed that Fogle had confessed to them. Even more disturbing, the star witness in Fogle’s case, a man who was committed to a psychiatric facility at the time of the trial, and who had been seen driving Deann Long around in his car the day before she was found murdered, testified under “hypnosis” that Fogle was the guilty party.

Based on this overwhelming tide of bogus evidence and prosecutorial misdirection, the court convicted Lewis Fogle to life without the possibility of parole. Using newer DNA comparison technology, the Innocence Project discovered that the semen left in Deann Long’s body excluded Lewis Fogle as a suspect in her rape and murder.

Judge David Grine ordered that Fogle be released on unsecured bond for the rape of Deann Long. The reason for this is that prosecutor Patrick Dougherty, in a shining example of political posturing, asked the court to retain custody of Fogle in case the state decides to retry him for the murder, which Dougherty stated the DNA did not exonerate him of.

Lewis Fogle, upon his release after 34 years of prison, said the first thing he wanted to do was eat a steak.

The case of Lewis Fogle demonstrates the complete worthlessness with which American society views the lives of men. Fogle was not a candidate for sainthood before he was swept up in this case. The bullshit masquerading as the state’s evidence that allowed the state to steal over half of Fogle’s life (jailhouse snitches and hypnotic testimony) are an embarrassment to a nation that supposedly prides itself on affording defendants the greatest protections against being unjustly deprived of life, liberty, or property. Fogle was deprived of the bulk of his life thanks to unscrupulous prosecutors, criminals looking for a better deal, an insane man who likely did the crime himself, a snake oil salesman aka hypnotist, media sensationalism, and sloganeering about “justice” for Deann.

Ultimately, no one will apologize to Lewis Fogle or try to make restitution to him because, after all, he’s just a man. And the lives of men, when weighed against the government and its policy of sacrificing men on the altar of the sanctity of vaginas, come up short.


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