South Carolina Woman Fabricates Rape and Robbery Story to Avoid Charges for Driving Without a License

Local police believe a 19-year-old woman in York, South Carolina fabricated an elaborate story of car theft and rape to avoid responsibility for driving without a license and leaving the scene of an accident. The car was first alleged to have been stolen from the Knights’ Inn on August 8. The woman refused to speak to the police after the initial report. Her brother then told the police she said that it was stolen at a gas station. Later, the brother relayed that it was stolen from a different gas station.

Rather than simply BELIEVING HER, the police spoke to the woman’s mother. The mother’s variation on the story was that the woman picked up a man walking along Congress Street, and even gave them the man’s name. She abandoned the car when the man supposedly pulled a gun and tried to rape her. Police found the car and rather than BELIEVE HER, believe she was driving the car when it crashed on Longleaf Road. What’s more, the police investigated the man alleged to have tried to rape her and discovered no evidence that he was ever involved.

The police are searching for the woman to file charges against her for filing a false police report on the no-so-stolen car.


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