Update: Canberra False Rape Accuser Found Guilty in Magistrate Court

A woman who accused her ex-boyfriend of rape and assault has been found guilty of making false accusations and causing public mischief. The ACT Magistrates’ Court convicted the woman after a long series of allegations made against the ex-boyfriend and his family dating back to 2013 and 2014.

The man, spent four months in jail on the woman’s accusation that he raped and beat her twice. The police investigated her claims skeptically after she accused his family of stalking her and running her car off the road. In another instance, she claimed one of the family had attacked her with a knife and showed a shallow cut on her hand as proof.

The police put the woman under surveillance and found that the family wasn’t stalking her, and that she lied about them breaking into her home and stealing her IPad. They also found evidence that she had falsely accused the father of one of her former friends in 2008.

Because she was a minor at the time, her name was suppressed. The state argued during the present trial that the woman’s accusation was motivated by greed, to force the man to give her their shared home and $90,000.

Upon conviction, the state argued to revoke her bail prior to sentencing, stating that she was a flight risk because she faced actual jail time. The terms of her pre-sentencing bail require her to report to the police twice a week, the surrender of her passport, and no contact with the ex-boyfriend or his family.

Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for October.


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