Indian Woman Arrested In False Rape Scheme to Silence A Witness

A 28-year-old Indian woman was arrested for filing a false rape complaint to prevent a witness in a murder trial from testifying. Delhi police investigated the accusation and determined that no gang-rape occurred. Friends of the defendant tried to pressure the witness into not testifying at Najakat’s trial.

When the witness refused to cooperate, Najakat’s friends concocted the false rape scheme and enlisted the accuser for a sum of money. The woman alleged that the witness made her consume “Lassi” (a cannabis-infused drink) and she passed out.

At the local hospital she accused the witness and some of his friends of raping her. Surveillance footage shows walking to the hospital with Najakat’s friends when she claimed that she had been unconscious the entire time. The police arrested two others in the scheme and expect more arrests in the near future.


Archived Source


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