Victim of False Rape Accusation Sues School for Suspending Him

Francisco Sousa, a Portuguese transfer student, was suspended from San Diego State University last December after being accused of sexual assault. Sousa was subsequently arrested, but remained suspended even after the State dropped the charges. Now, SDSU has lifted his suspension, but Sousa plans to sue.

Sousa wants money damages and a public apology. SDSU issued a campuswide email branding Sousa a criminal. He is continuing his studies at another school. SDSU refuses to discuss Sousa’s case publically.

Sousa’s attorney, Domenic Lombardo, claimed to possess documents indicating SDSU had closed his case. In a letter dated June 5, 2015, Jessica Rentto, SDSU’s Title IX inquisitor, I mean, COORDINATOR, wrote that there was not a preponderance of the evidence that Sousa had violated school policy. The suspension remained in place until the period that the accuser could appeal the finding expired.
Sousa wants $100,000 to pay his lawyers and reimburse his parents for legal fees and bail. He says that the accusation and negative press have affected his future prospects. Additionally, Sousa was attacked near SDSU by three men who recognized him from the news (When Simps Attack?)

California (Uber Alles) initially charged Sousa with false imprisonment and forcible oral copulation in the wake of a dozen sexual assault reports near SDSU in 2014 (some of them might have even been true). Two dozen students marched on campus to demand more safety. Domenic Lombardo believes his client was caught up in a witch-hunt atmosphere.

Sousa returned to SDSU to request school officials take action against his accuser. He says she needs to be held accountable and that false accusations result in fewer actual victims coming forward.


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