Brazilian Mother Chokes Infant Son, Sends Videos to Ex-Husband

These videos have recently made the rounds on social media. A demented woman who was so eager to inflict pain on her ex-husband, she decided to torment him by abusing his son.

Video 1

Video 2

I can’t crack any jokes at this one but I will make just two observations. First, that women are presumptively better parents of children than men is rooted in a romanticized version of women that doesn’t actually exist. I know, it’s a little frightening to accept at first, but women are just as capable of being headcases as men. I would argue more so, simply because men in power refuse to hold women accountable for their bad acts, but that’s a separate topic. Leaving aside this particular instance, women are more likely to mentally or emotionally abuse their children than to physically assault them.

My second point is for the cult of the mail-order bride, the men who still cling to that sliver of desperate hope that they can find external happiness between the thighs of some “feminine, submissive, foreign peasant girl.” They’re all crazy. It doesn’t matter if you find her stomping the streets of Manhattan in the red bottoms that she bought with her rent money, some cowboy boot wearing country girl who’s half a man herself, or some chick hanging around on the beaches of Brazil. Assume and prepare for insanity. If you must have them around, determine how much female crazy you have the skill to manage. Otherwise, you end up with an evil bitch sending you videos of her torturing your son to get your attention.


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5 thoughts on “Brazilian Mother Chokes Infant Son, Sends Videos to Ex-Husband

  1. I desperately want to know what really ended up happening to this twisted woman. These videos disturbed me on such a severe level. I keep seeing back and forth about whether she’s in jail or dead. Either way my heart is jumping up and down that the little boy is away from her.


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