Maltese Women Falsely Accuses Libyan After Night of Drunken Sex

A Maltese woman was charged with filing a false report after claiming two Libyan men kidnapped her. The woman, whose name is sealed by court order, had an argument with her boyfriend. Rather than take her punk ass home or to a friend’s house, she gets drunk and flirts with random men in Spinola Bay. A cop on patrol asked if she was okay. She told him she was fine.

After telling the cops she was okay, she hopped into a car with the Libyans and spent the night at their apartment. Then the next day comes, she wakes up, panics and calls the police. Rather than take the walk of shame, she concocts a story that she had been kidnapped. But when she filed the report, the officer from the night before remembered her.

The Libyan whose apartment she slept in had kept some nude photos that indicated that their sexual activity was consensual. Her lawyer, Francois Dalli, argued that she meant no harm and had merely panicked. She received a suspended sentence. Under Maltese law (Chapter 9, Title VII, Sub-Title II, Sections 198-199), the Libyan faced eighteen months to three years, and if she decided to put a rape charge on him an additional three to nine years.


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