Meet Your Rival: Jackie Coakley Created “Haven Monahan” as a Love Rival for fellow student Ryan Duffin

The Jackie Coakley/Rolling Stone/UVA false rape story just had another layer added to it. New information has come to light that Jackie’s fictional boyfriend-cum-rapist, Haven Monahan, was originally conceived as a romantic rival for a real student, Ryan Duffin.

In 2012, Duffin, a freshmen at the time, received texts from “Haven Monahan,” who he believed was another friend of Jackie Coakley.

Duffin aided investigators, including disclosure of the texts. Duffin now believes that Jackie Coakley created the “Haven Monahan” persona as a romantic competitor, to pressure Duffin to return Coakley’s sexual advances.

Duffin, who graduates in May 2016 wants to put the whole matter behind him. Jackie Coakley’s lawyers, busy fighting UVA dean Nicole Eramo’s discovery requests, had no comment on Duffin’s story.

It’s amazing how much of female thinking is driven by fiction. From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to more contemporary fare like Twilight, Hunger Games, the Selection, etc. women are aroused by the thought of multiple men competing against each other for her affection.


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