So What If You Get Falsely Accused? At Least You Don’t Have To Download a Buddy App!

The Salt Lake Tribune, in an effort to waste bandwith published an opinion piece a college student named Emily Cassell, who generally appears to be a shitty excuse for a human being. This is a woman (allegedly) actually arguing that false accusations are no problem. Let’s enjoy it together.

As many of this states’ students return to their college campuses this week, many men leave the safety of their homes to enter into a world where they could be falsely accused of rape.

So far, so good. Nothing batshit insane but it’s coming.

As I return to my college campus, I envy the luxury of these men. If the gravest danger I faced in this world was being falsely accused of rape, I would consider myself lucky. I would be much more fortunate than the countless women who have “walk me home apps” downloaded on their phones as a security blanket for any time they go out after dark. I downloaded one after a stranger attacked a classmate right outside my dorm last September.

Being falsely accused of a felony is a luxury? Having your reputation destroyed is a luxury? Being subjected to a Title IX show trial or criminal charges is a luxury? What the fuck are colleges teaching women these days? All of this is “luxury” compared to having to download one of the 700 apps you have on your phone to communicate with your equally simple-minded friends and acquaintances? Sitting through a trial is not fun. Not for the accused, hell not even for the lawyers.

I would consider myself luckier than the one in five college freshmen who will be sexually assaulted before they graduate. And if the greatest danger I faced in this world was someone falsely accusing me of rape for attention or one of the countless other denunciations I’ve heard, I would still never blame the victim.

The holy Feminist cant: 1 in 5 women shall be raped/sexually assaulted/molested/catcalled/etc. Except that it is a lie based on a single survey in which the participants were rewarded with Amazon gift cards. And no, Emily a false accusation is not the greatest danger a man faces in this world. A man faces pretty much every danger in the world, physical, psychological, and emotional. Men are the primary victims of violent crimes, that includes murder, robbery, and if the bureau of prisons is to be believed, rape as well. Men account for most of this country’s suicides. Men account for the majority of this country’s occupational fatalities, usually in occupations that most of these pampered campus feminists with their “walk me home” apps could not be paid any amount of money to do, much less ever have the necessary aptitude to do them. Also, if she’s falsely accusing a man of a crime, she cannot be victim by definition because no crime has occurred.

For I would much rather be he who showed compassion, albeit falsely given, than he who would call a victim a liar.

Emily Cassell

Salt Lake City

Except for compassion for the falsely accused, because hey, he’s just a man, right? And how is one a “victim” of a crime that never happened? Oh wait, now I remember. All women are victims of “The Patriarchy” which includes all men.

This “opinion” and I hesitate to even call it that because it is so wildly absurd, is a love note to male disposability and feminist dehumanization of their “class enemies” or men. Any hardship men suffer is trivialized while demanding considerations from men that women are not obliged to return.



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