Berlin Police: She Wasn’t Raped, White Knights. Go Home.

Berlin police rejected a 13-year-old girl’s accusation that she was raped by swarthy foreigners from the “southern countries.” I was curious what a “southern country” is relative to Germany or Russia. It appears to be short hand for Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece (thus the reference to swarthiness). The Berlin police also warned internet white knights to settle the hell down, take off their capes, and stop rushing to save hoes.

The girl claimed that three men of the swarthy persuasion kidnapped her from a train station in East Berlin, drove her to an apartment, beat her, and raped her. Subsequent police investigation led the police to the conclusion that no kidnapping, assault, or rape occurred. This has not stopped gynocentric men in Germany and Russia from taking up the lance, mounting their steeds and crying “SAVE OUR WIMMINZ!”

White knights, please go get a hobby. Simping is a bad look, fellas.


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