Police Inspector Commits Suicide Over False Rape and Blackmail

On Monday, Police Inspector Vijendra Bishnoi shot his former lover, Nikita Chauhan, in a park. Bishnoi then turned the gun on himself. Chauhan died instantly. Bishnoi would be transported to a hospital here he succumbed to his wounds.

Bishnoi left a suicide note, detailing his regret over the affair with Chauhan. He also wrote that Chauhan had extorted him for 1,500,000 rupees (appox. $22,150 USD as of today) and was threatening to file a false rape charge against him unless he paid her more.

I tagged my new bestie, Emily Cassell, for this post because there is a strain of thought traveling through the feminist echo chamber that being falsely accused isn’t “that” bad. Well, here’s an example of it being so bad that a guy decided to eat his gun rather than get put through the judicial wringer. Maybe a false accusation actually is serious business. Just maybe.


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