Armed Robber Gets Himself Good and Shot by Armed Employee At Dallas Metro PCS

Matthew Wayne Richardson enterted a South Dallas Metro PCS store last Thursday at about 6:45 pm. He told everyone to get on the ground. An employee came from the back of the store with a gun and opened fire on Richarson. Richardson was struck by bullets. Police arrived on the scene and EMS took Richardson to a hospital where he died from his wounds.

I love happy endings.


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Fight Without Honor: Rape Accuser Argues She Should Be Immune to School Honor Code


Nasiru Seidu, 39, of Orem, UT, went on a date with 19-year-old BYU student, Madi Barney. They went to her off-campus residence. According to the police reports, Seidu and Barney engaged in some sexual activity. At some point, she alleges that she wanted to stop, and began to put her clothes back on. It is also alleged that he pushed her back onto the bed and continued having sex with her. When she told him no, he forced her to the ground and continued having sex. After being arrested and booked into the Utah County jail, police interviewed Seidu who said the sex was completely consensual and that he stopped when she asked him to.

Pretty basic “She Said, He Said” rape case. Happens pretty frequently.

Essential Facts of the Date in Question
1. Accuser is a student at BYU. (Uncontested)
2. Accuser and Defendant go on date. (Uncontested)
3. Accuser and Defendant return to Accuser’s residence. (Uncontested)
4. Accuser and Defendant have sexual contact. (Uncontested)
5. Accuser tells Defendant to stop. (Uncontested)
6. Accuser claims Defendant forcibly continued to have sex with her. (Contested)
7. Defendant claims he stopped when Accuser said. (Contested)

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Now, here’s where the case wanders into the weeds.

Some time in November 2015, one Utah County Sheriff’s Deputy named Edwin Randolph, also a track coach at BYU, obtained discovery materials in Seidu’s case. Who he obtained them from is still a mystery, but what is known is that he handed the materials over to BYU. BYU then begins an Honor Code inquiry against Madi Barney based on those materials.

The Deputy County Attorney, Craig Johnson, filed charges of witness retaliation against Randolph and Seidu. His superior, elected County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman, dropped the charge against Randolph based on information received by him from Utah County Sheriff’s Department’s internal affairs investigation. Randolph claims that he did not intend for BYU to open an inquiry against Barney, but to investigate male students how may have committed Honor Code violations with regard to sexual conduct. This story doesn’t make sense because Seidu is not a BYU student, nor is he associated with the university in any way. Seidu, through his attorney Jeremy Jones of the law firm, Nelson Jones, stated that he and Randolph are not friends.

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Back to BYU. Brigham Young University begins an Honor Code violation inquiry into Barney once they receive the discovery materials from Randolph. An administrator contacted her and asked her to come in because it appeared that she violated the Church Educational System Honor Code.

A quick sidetrack.

BYU’s Honor Code Document

From the Honor Code Statement:

As a matter of personal commitment…students of Brigham Young University…seek to demonstrate in daily living on and off-campus those moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and will:

•Live a chaste and virtuous life

From the section labeled “Conduct”:

[A]ny other conduct or action inconsistent with the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Honor Code is not permitted.

Refer back to the Essential Facts and the police report. There is an uncontested fact that consensual sexual contact did occur between Madi Barney and Nasiru Seidu, that it occured while she was a student at BYU, and that it occured in off-campus housing. It kind of does look like she violated the Honor Code.

It appears that she knows she violated the Honor Code as well because Madi Barney started a petition (yay, a petition signed by people on the internet! How many of those supporters are 1)Students/Alumni of BYU 2)Faculty/Administrators of BYU 3) Residents of Utah County 4) Members of LDS Church). From the petition that she started:

I was raped, and I waited four days to report because I was so terrified about my standing at BYU. Brigham Young University has a strict honor code that prohibits actions such as premarital sex, alcohol or drug use, and even being in the bedroom of someone of the opposite sex. I am a survivor of rape, and now BYU has put my academic future on hold due to their allegations that I broke the Honor Code in the circumstances of my assault. I want victims of sexual violence at BYU to have an immunity clause from the Honor Code so that they don’t feel afraid to report.

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Okay, I kept a muzzle on editorializing until now. First, was Madi Barney raped? Maybe. I can see it going either way. Supposedly, Seidu “admitted” over the phone in a monitored calls between Seidu, Barney, and the police, to raping her. If they have the recording, it will probably be admissible against him because Utah is a one-party consent state to recording. If the officers were listening in, they could testify to it as a statement against interests (yay hearsay exceptions). If this recording exists, stick a fork in him, he’s done. If she gets on the stand, turns on the waterworks and boo-hoos about how this big black guy violated her sacred womanhood, the jury will probably eat it up because juries usually do.

He says it was consensual and it appears it was, at least at first. This could just as easily be a buyer’s remorse false accusation. If there is a rape kit, it could hurt him or help him, depending on if any physical trauma happened (bruises, tears, etc.). If he can marshal witnesses who will testify that she was all over him, or that she picked him up, or that she initiated the sexual contact, it helps him.

But, there are plenty of smartypants lawyers to work all of that out.

With respect to the honor code violation. It doesn’t appear that Barney has cooperated with the investigation, hence the hold on registration.

BYU Honor Code Office’s investigation policy:

The HCO will normally investigate a reported Honor Code violation if there is sufficient, reasonable, and credible information that an Honor Code violation has occurred. After a violation report is received, the HCO will:
(i) analyze the violation report and relevant evidence,
(ii) conduct an investigation and interview the student and any witnesses or other persons having information about the student and/or the allegations as the HCO deems appropriate,
(iii) notify the student in writing of the alleged violation(s) of the Honor Code if it appears that an Honor Code violation has occurred,
(iv) encourage the student to respond, preferably in writing, to the allegations and relevant evidence,
(v) assess the credibility of the witnesses and strength of the evidence, and
(vi) prepare a decision and recommended course of action.

I haven’t seen an information yet that indicates that she (ii) was interviewed by the HCO, or (iv)has responded to the allegations against her.


In cases involving sexual violence or harassment, the university will conduct its own investigation regardless of the pendency or timing of other civil, criminal, or ecclesiastical proceedings. In all cases, the university retains the right to conduct its own independent investigation and to reach a determination which may or may not be consistent with the outcome of civil, criminal, or ecclesiastical proceedings.


Interim Action

The university may take action on an interim basis pending completion of its investigation when in its discretion such action is reasonably justified. For example, in certain circumstances the university may place an immediate hold on the student’s registration and/or graduation pending further investigation and/or resolution.…The university may discontinue or amend such interim action at any time upon resolution of the issues and/or the subsequent findings of the university’s investigation. If the student disagrees with the interim action, he/she may request an expedited review by the Dean of Students’ Office consistent with the principles and procedure outlined in the Expedited Administrative Review below.

Expedited Administrative Review

If a student disagrees with an interim action taken by the university…an expedited Review may be requested under the following guidelines:
(1) when notified of the interim action or the Decision, the student promptly responds with a request for an expedited process to the Dean of Students’ Office;
(2) the Review application form is completed and delivered without delay to the Dean of Students’ Office;
(3) there is no new or additional information to be introduced; and
(4) the student agrees to participate in the Review when scheduled.

If the conditions for an expedited Review are met, the Dean of Students’ Office will attempt in good faith to schedule the Review within three to five business days of receipt of the Administrative Review Application.

By requesting an expedited Review the student should be aware that the Review process is accelerated. His or her preparation time will be much more limited and the scheduling of the Review will be accomplished as soon as is practicable. The student cannot publicly perform or play during the expedited Review process. The expedited Review process is not generally recommended but is available to a student as an option in unusual circumstances where the student believes it to be in his/ her best interests to complete the Review process as soon as is practicable.

Starting an online petition and waving signs on campus doesn’t look like it falls under any part of the Expedited Administrative Review process.

Barney is not arguing that Honor Code is unreasonable, or that it is unjust, or that she did not agree to it by attending BYU, or that she was confused by it. Refer to the facts. She brought the man back to her residence, and had sex with him. Full stop. That’s all the BYU Honor Code requires for a violation. She just wants a free pass for violating it because, in the course of violating it, something went wrong for her. The Honor Code was violated BEFORE the crime happened. Not during and not after.

The law doesn’t make exceptions for burglars who fall out of windows and break their legs, or for drug dealers who get shot in the course of selling drugs. If you’re going to break the rules, break them and ask for mercy when you get caught. Don’t break them and then say, “I should be exempt because I got a bad outcome as a result of breaking the rules.”

Mother of Six, Accessory to Robbery and Murder, Asks Moved For Bond Reduction Because She Gave Birth in Jail

Keoshea Quanvette Gattis (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph these names) of Greensboro is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, after a September 1, 2015 home invasion robbery. In that robbery, 72-year-old Doris Hampton Leach was murdered.

Gattis and her confederates broke into 1100 Huffine Mill Road at approximately 10:40 pm. They did not know Leach was home. The robbers shot Leach in the head and killed her dog. Leach lingered for six days before dying from the wound. Leach shot at least one of the burglars, Takwan Dequinten Luster (come on. Really?), who, at the time of the robbery, was Gattis’ boyfriend, and is facing the death penalty for Leach’s murder.

This is who we have raising kids in the hood. This tattooed, hard-faced, hoodrat, who, while 1-2 months pregnant with her SEVENTH child, goes out robbing with her boyfriend and his crew. And then she has the gall to ask the court for lowered bond so she can “parent” those children unfortunate enough to have tumbled from in between her legs. She wasn’t worried about parenting when she got in her van and drove these robbers to the house where they murdered the homeowner. She wasn’t worried about parenting these kids while her boyfriend was shooting it out with a 72-year-old woman. And she wasn’t worried about parenting when she, or one of the other robbers and legally it makes no difference, stuffed the murder weapon into same bag with her young children’s clothes.

The Black Matriarchy in full effect. No account males can get all of the pussy they want. Black women will help them rob. Black women will help them kill. Black women will take them to the hospital after they are done robbing and killing an old woman. And then, the black woman, when called to answer for her part in the robbing and killing that she participated in, will hide behind the kids that she didn’t give enough of a damn about to not go out robbing and killing and argue that she needs to “parent” them. What parenting can Keoshea offer to anyone? I hope they lock this female up for the rest of her natural life, because that would be the best thing to happen to these seven kids is that they are out of the reach of the irresponsible, amoral bitch who brought them into this world.


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Hoes Gon Be Hoes: The Black Male Edition Featuring Mychal Denzel Smith

Yes, here at LOSTAPWBM, I mix it up every once in awhile. In today’s Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes, we have a male hoe. Why is he a hoe? We have a black male hoeing for feminism and preaching the gospel of HeForShe. From Ebony Magazine:

The most important thing Black men have to do to begin engaging with feminism, as theory and praxis, is to disavow ourselves of the notion that we are “good.” By that, I don’t mean that we should perform some type of masochistic self-flagellation about how “men ain’t shit.” But the desire to be seen and known as a “good Black man” is not only wrapped up in a lot of patriarchal notions about what constitutes manhood and defying the stereotypes of Blackness (having a job, not being in prison), it doesn’t allow for growth.

And what “growth” might this be?

When your self-conception is centered on the idea of your own goodness, it prevents you from hearing any critique of your ideology/behavior. Thinking of yourself as “good” allows you to justify harmful words and actions, since anything you do, in your mind, is “good.” And when the metrics for measuring “good” do not include an examination of power and privilege, and an active divestment from those thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned (and destructive) power and privilege, “good” is meaningless.

I always have to admire propaganda before I dismantle it in the same way I admire a defective clock before taking it apart. Mychal’s definition of “good” is an absurdity. To be “good” to Mychal Smith requires a man to (1) examine power and privilege, (2) Actively divest from thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned and destructive power and privilege. It is a definition so vague that it cannot be said to exist at all, which I suspect is the point. A definition of “good” that can encompass any act if done by the Feminist in-group and deny any act done by those who aren’t in the Feminist tribe no matter if that act is virtuous (“OMG, you held a door open for me?! Check your privlege!”)

We must gain understanding about ourselves as not “good,” nor “bad,” but products of a culture of misogyny, sexism, and patriarchy.

Why? When someone says that a person “must” do something, that indicates that there is some rationale for doing so, rationale which is markedly absent here.

With that as a starting point, we can begin to re-evaluate the lessons we’ve received about gender, gender identity, gender roles, and the power dynamics therein.

Lessons received from whom? And how do you know that even if I have “received” a lesson that I accept it?

We will be receptive to critique when we no longer believe that critique is an attack on our “goodness,” but a desire for us to achieve a humanity that respects and supports women.

I notice Mychal is not terribly concerned with a humanity that respects and supports men. Must be a typo. Surely Mychal wouldn’t be advancing an idea of men as disposable utilities to women. Surely not.

We will know that these conversations are going to make us uncomfortable, because they will throw into question our entire upbringings and it’s possible that everything that we have known as a universal truth will be discarded. We will have to create new selves.

That’s right, comrade. Throw off old, counterrevolutionary, kulak “universal truth.” Embrace New Soviet Man. Wait, we aren’t doing New Soviet Man anymore? It’s New Feminist Man now? Okay, got it. NEW FEMINIST MAN.

These people are self-parodying at this point.

That critical process is not possible until we have fully abandoned the idea of “good” and traded it in for honesty.

Interesting how Mychal views “good” and “honesty” as being in conflict with each other. But very well. Here’s some honesty. Feminism is idiocy. Feminism is Marxism with the serial numbers filed off. Class warfare is the single most destructive concept loosed on the world since the opening of Pandora’s Box, whether the class in question is economic, social, racial, or sexual. Black men being subservient to women has led the American black male to the bottom spot of the political and economic totem pole.

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Black Mother Drives Daughter To A Park So She Can Fight Over Facebook


Tameka Hawkins, of Greenville, Alabama, drove her daughter to fight some other girls at Dunbar Park. What was the fight over? Social media. That thing that black women lose their ever-loving minds over. That thing that causes them start public brawls.

Tameka Hawkins not only drove her daughter to the park to fight, but stayed to watch and enjoy. Hawkins was arrested and charged with contributing the delinquency of a minor and endangering the welfare of a child. Four of the young hoodrats were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

The Black Matriarchy in action. Fighting the kids like dogs. Crackerjack parenting.


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Fordham University: Less Than 1% Chance of Being Sexually Assaulted

Fordham University conducted a survey through its Department of Public Safety, Title IX coordinator, and Student Affairs. That survey, consisting of 2,008 respondents, indicated that 92% of the undergraduate respondents and 97% of graduate student respondents respectively had not been subject to forced or coerced sexual contact.

According to Fordham’s VP of Public Safety, Fordham had six “sexual assaults” in 2015 out of a student body of 15,000.

At Fordham University, based on actual investigated incidents, you have a .04% chance of being “sexually assaulted.”

Sounds pretty safe to me. But what do I know? I don’t see the invisible tendrils of the “Rape Culture” everywhere.


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