Jackie Coakley Deposed In UVA/Rolling Stone False Rape Case

Time to revisit my favorite false rape accuser, Jackie Coakley. Yesterday, she got a small taste of the crucible of justice that she would have subjected the fraternity brothers of Phi Kappa Psi to in the form of a seven hour deposition by attorneys for Rolling Stone and UVA associate dean Nicole Eramo. Chief Judge Glen E. Conrad is doing his best to keep this case from turning to in a three-ring circus and issued a gag order to all parties on the content of the deposition. Eramo is suing Rolling Stone for $7 million for what she claims was a misrepresentation of her character rising to defamation in an article titled “A Rape on Campus” appearing in the November 19, 2014 edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Attorneys for Eramo couldn’t comment on the substance of the deposition, but stated that they feel the deposition strengthened their case.

The University of Virginia Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has its own defamation suit against Rolling Stone, the author of “A Rape on Campus,” Sabrina Erdely, and the owner of Rolling Stone magazine, Wenner Media, for $25 million. A jury trial for that case is set for October 23, 2017.

Personally, I hope Rolling Stone gets Gawker’d.


One thought on “Jackie Coakley Deposed In UVA/Rolling Stone False Rape Case

  1. She didn’t want to subject the fraternity brothers to a deposition- it would have proven that she made up one of them out of thin air.


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