Grandma Pulls Knife On Grandson for DIZREPECKIN Her

So…this actually happened.

“Shut the fuck up!”

“I’ll stick it all the way up your goddamn ass!”

“Do it now!”

“Go tell her I did it. Tell why I did it.”

“I’m just as goddamn crazy as you is!”

“I’m as crazy as a motherfucker!”

“I can show my black ass out too!”

“You don’t fuck with me!”

“Who you think you is?”

“I will fuck you up!”

I’m going to try and analyze this a little bit, but this video is ridiculous. Grandma looked like a rabid dog and acted the part. Her eyes were bulging clear out of her skull. She couldn’t enunciate any words that didn’t include “fuck,” “damn,” and “ass.” I don’t pretend that I’m not disposed to swear at people, but come on. Expand your vocabulary. Black people are allowed to read books now. We can use those ten cent words without fear of being hanged.

The major problem is grandma’s whole interaction with this young boy. I don’t know what this boy said to this old bat and unless he offered to kill grandma in her sleep, it doesn’t really matter. Pay attention to her reaction. She decided that because this boy acted out of line in whatever fashion, that was a license for her to act out of line too and that’s where her mind immediately went to. She didn’t think, “let me tell this boy why what he did was wrong,” or “let me relay this incident to his parents and let them decide how to deal with it.” Grandma said, “I can show my black ass out too!” And she did just that. There is also a strain of undiagnosed mental illness in the black community that goes unaddressed. This is why the Black Matriarchy and the government-sponsored single mother household is so inherently destructive to black men. Black men are being raised by women who think it appropriate to meet taunting with threats of violence. Black men are being raised by women whose first thought of dealing with irrational behavior is with even more irrational behavior.

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