Meechaiel Criner and Haruka Weiser: Victims of the Black Matriarchy

This story is making the rounds in Texas and nationwide. On or about April 3, 2016, Meechaiel Criner murdered Haruka Weiser. Criner, 17, has been in CPS custody since the age of 10 and was homeless at the time of the murder. Weiser, originally from Portland, Oregon, was a freshman at the University of Texas-Austin majoring in dance and theater. Her body was discovered near Waller Creek on the following Tuesday after her roommates reported her missing. The Daily Mail uncovered some facts about Criner, while unrelated to the murder, shed some light on how Criner came to this point, and why his life is over before it ever really started.

Criner was raised for the first decade of his life, by his grandmother, Mary Wadley of Texarkana. Wadley characterized Criner to TWC News as follows:

“If you made him mad he snaps. His temper snap real fast and even the school know about it they tried to work with him too to make sure the other kids didn’t bother him…”

Interview With Meechaiel Criner’s Grandmother: Mary Wadley

Now, remember that he has been in CPS custody since the age of 10. So what event triggered CPS taking custody? Glad you asked. This is where the Daily Mail, when they aren’t posting about who is looking fabulous, who is wearing what, or who is having a baby, comes through like a good journalism outfit is supposed to. In May 2009, police charged Mary Wadley with injuring a child. A neighbor called the police after seeing Wadley beating Criner in the front yard of her home with a belt. When the police arrived, Criner had two black eyes, swollen shut so badly that he could only open them with his fingers. Wadley first explained that Criner “turned suddenly” and ran into her belt. Her reason for this “whooping” was the black woman catch-all excuse for beating the ever-loving crap out of any child: “he was acting up.” Wadley refused to take Criner to the hospital for the black eyes or the bruising on his face and his mother, allegedly a drug addict had to take the boy for medical care. Wadley was taken into custody, but the court freed her with a $2,000 fine and a warning.

Four years later, the Criner had another brush with the law in which a black woman in his life was beating the crap out of him. November 2013, the police were called when Criner’s 26-year-old sister, Lawellai Lafrance Criner, believed to be this upstanding citizen:


Charming young lady.

She attacked the then 15-year-old Meechaiel Criner. The grandmother tried to kick Lawellai out, someone called the police. Another one for the record books.

On August 16 2015, Criner appears to have been in his grandmother’s custody when he ran away from home. Wadley did not report him missing for five days and only did so as to cover her own ass against Texas’ truancy laws. She swore out an affidavit to the police that she did not know where he was, that she did not know his height or weight (great parenting there, granny), and that his last known whereabouts was in Segoeville, TX, where the local police picked him up and released him when he told them he intended to keep traveling to Austin, TX. Wadley made no efforts to locate him or bring him back. What Criner was doing between August 16, 2015 and April 3, 2016, no one really knows. However, when Austin picked up Criner, he was squatting in an abandoned building near the University of Texas-Austin campus.

Criner’s 23-year-old sister, Ariana, a law school student Houston (may God have mercy on her future clients) gave this interview to TWC Austin:

Ok, so those are the facts. This boy, probably already a little touched from being born to a mother who was a drunk and drug addict, was done no favors by being placed into the custody of the same woman who raised the drunk/drug addict. I don’t understand this reasoning so maybe someone else can explain it for me, how does it make sense to give more children to a woman who failed to properly raise the daughter that gave birth to the children? Also notice that this was a bunch of women. Not a man in sight. The Black Matriarchy in a nutshell: A bunch of old, ornery females, a bunch of loud-mouthed, over-matriculated young females, not a man to be seen for days. When grandma was interviewed, she was quick to point out how Criner had a temper and might be crazy, but she omitted that part about how she had been arrested for beating him down when he was ten years old and that probably wasn’t the first time she had done it. So if the boy had a “temper,” if he had a tendency towards violence, it is possible that he learned violence from the violent bitch that raised him. And what does this violent bitch get for practicing violence on a ten-year-old black boy? Does she go to jail? Nope. Her patron, the government, sends her home with a fine.

Ordinarily, the black man raised by the violent black woman would visit his violence on somebody who looked like him. That’s the way this game is supposed to be played. Government subsidizes the irrational, violent black woman to raise more irrational, violent black men and women. The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman gets fed into the judicial system. This creates work for police, investigators, lawyers, judges. The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman then gets fed into the penal system. This creates work for the builders of prisons, for the prison guards, for the prison contractors, and for the politicians to look “tough” (Protip: Unless you are actually catching or trying criminals, putting your own personal safety between society and violent felons, you aren’t that tough). The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman breeds children with another irrational, violent black woman. Now, the irrational, violent black woman gets the judicial system. The law has to have its pound of flesh. But she doesn’t get fed to the penal system. Why? Because she’s a mommy! And no matter what mommy does, that mommy badge, in the eyes of the state, trumps her irrational, violent behavior. Her children become the catalyst for a nice thick case file with CPS, welfare, public schools, etc. because the irrational, violent black woman is too irrational and violent to raise children without the firm, loving hand of her white patron, the government. This creates work for public school teachers, social workers, bureaucrats, police, et al. This is how the Black Matriarchy functions. A lot of people make a very good living from it.

But every so often, there is a glitch in the system. One of the irrational, violent black men slips the leash and kills someone he isn’t supposed to, such as a freshman dance and theater student and the University of Texas-Austin. What will he get? Since he’s in Texas, he’s probably going to get a life term, or, if he’s certified as an adult and is deemed competent to stand trial, he’s looking at the business end of a lethal injection. The women who created him will wash their hands of him or make excuses about how he didn’t do it, despite the evidence against him. Meanwhile, the Black Matriarchy that created him will go on to create more Meechaiel Criners, most of whom will stay within their programmed parameters and restrict their violence to other black people. But every once in a while, the products of the Black Matriarchy go off and kill a non-black person.


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