New Orleans Robbers Attempt To Murder Two People

As the contractor fled, the robber fired again. This time the gun discharged a round but the shot missed. The two robbers jumped into a black sedan driven by a third man and fled. Fifteen minutes later, on Sycamore Street, a man walking his dog was robbed of his cellphone.

Two days later, a similar robbery was committed in which a man was cornered by two men, one armed. When the victim handed over his phone, keys, and backpack, the armed robber fired on him as he tried to run. The robbers then fled in a black sedan.

. The only reason two of these three robbery victims are still alive is because 1) Most of these thugs can’t shoot for shit, and 2) they don’t properly maintain their firearms, hence the jamming.

Note that they meekly complied with their assailants, which is what the gun control/disarmament says you peasants are supposed to do. Yet, despite surrendering their property without a fight, the criminals decided to try and kill them anyway. So why have I categorized this under “The Second Amendment Is For Shooting Criminals?” Because this is an example of why you don’t entrust your life to the honor or mercy of thieves. The Brady types, professional lobbyists, the “concerned moms,” the American patrician caste,  aren’t the ones who get guns jammed in their face while they are trying to make an honest living. The working people, the people who are just a little better off than the criminals who are robbing them, are getting robbed. Get armed, learn to shoot, learn situational awareness.


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