Woman Files False Rape Report After Boyfriend Kicks Her Out of His Truck

Jennifer Rima True (ha!) of Great Falls, Montana filed a false police report claiming that she had been raped on March 9 by two men who chased her from the Frontier Inn.

She also said that when they caught her, they cut her numerous times with a knife and stole her purse. When police re-interviewed her a month later, they showed her a surveillance camera still of her inside KFC with the purse after the alleged rape took place.

True (ha!) gave it up and admitted that she lied to the police because she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of his truck near the Frontier Inn. She slashed herself with some sharp rocks before going to KFC.

The stolen purse story was intended as an excuse to get more prescription medication. True is charged with felony tampering, fabricating physical evidence, fraudulently obtaining dangerous drugs, and filing a false police report. True (ha!) has a single conviction for forgery.

“Why Would a Woman Lie About Rape?”

She was mad at her boyfriend…and drugs. Tasty, tasty drugs.


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