Woman Attacks Another Woman In Her Own Bed Over Facebook

Hoodrats should be banned from using Facebook. Scratch that. Hoodrats should be banned from using telecommunications entirely. At least three women and one what I’m guessing is a simp giggling in the background like a female. But this video is indicative of the degenerate mentality afflicting the hoodrat black woman. This hoodrat felt righteous enough in what she wanted to do that she walked into somebody else’s house, attacked the woman with her baby in the bed, all while someone was filming it. And what was the catalyst for this barbaric spectacle?


Mark Zuckerberg is the 21st century equivalent of a crack dealer.

P.S. To the woman who got beat up, delete your Facebook account and go do something with your life. Take up piano. Raise that little fatherless urchin sleeping in the bed in nothing but a diaper to be better than their mother getting her ass kicked over Facebook beef. Also, learn some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Your mount escape game is incredibly weak.


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