The Haruka Weiser Murder: Updates

We’ve had some developments in the Haruka Weiser murder and its primary suspect, Meechaiel Criner.

Vivian Lafrance Criner

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Meechaiel Criner’s mother is one Vivian Lafrance Criner. Based on its investigation and an interview with Meechaiel Criner’s great-uncle Leo Criner, the mother Vivian, was a drug addict during her pregnancy with Meechaiel. In addition, her career includes prostitution and pornography. The 43-year-old Vivian, also known as Decollector (???) and sells booty videos on Twitter for $75. In 2014, the FBI arrested Vivian Criner in Shreveport, Louisiana as part of a sting on a commercial sex trafficking operation.

I already posted a picture of the daughter, Lawellai Lafrance Criner apparently showing ass and titties at a strip club so it looks like peddling ass is the family trade.

Her daughter, Ariana Criner, (the law student) in the interview with a Houston TV station told the news that the mother had committed suicide. I guess Ariana hasn’t taken legal ethics/professionalism yet with respect protecting the reputation and integrity of the profession, meaning, don’t hold yourself out as a law practitioner/student, and then follow it up with a demonstrable lie. One daughter is a flat-out whore, just like mom, and the other daughter can get on TV and lie with a straight face to the “tricks” watching at home, just like mom.

Vivian Criner had her children removed from her custody in 2001. The facts against her included that she left her children at home without gas or water, would only buy them on set of clothes for an entire year, and routinely spent her money on drugs and alcohol. In an email to the American-Statesman, Vivian Criner stated:

“The lies got to stop,”
“I’ll be the one in the family doing all interviews (from) now on. … People will stop to hear what I got to say for more reason then 1.”
“When I hit the news it will shock the nation and this is not how I want to build my fan base or be remembered by”
“We have a family problem prey(sic) for us.”

I feel dumber for having read this nonsense written by this idiot whore. She has a collection of porn videos out there for your disgust…I mean consumption if you like your women shaped like a circle and with a head full of yellow and purple yarn.

Black men, I have to hand you your L. At least five of you fucked this fat disgusting whore and got her pregnant, allowing her to produce five bastard children, one of whom is charged with murder, a second who is following in mommy’s footsteps of being a whore, and third who got on TV and lied with a straight face about her mother being dead. And I guarantee you that this whore has somebody fucking her right now, the daughters will find some thirsty sack of shit to fuck them, produce more Meechaiels for grandmama or auntie to mentally and physically abuse and the cycle of black men being destined for the prison yard or the graveyard will continue.

The only thing we can reasonably control is ourselves. Stop running in these nasty whores raw.

Rape and Murder?

The Austin police have primed the potential jury pool by commenting, off-the-record of course, that Haruka Weiser was “sexually assaulted” and strangled. The actual autopsy report won’t be complete for a few weeks. Did Meechaiel Criner “sexually assault” her? Maybe. Did he murder her? Probably. But I appreciate the trick the police is playing through the media. Anyone likely to be a juror has already read “sexual assault” and let their minds run to “rape.” Even if the autopsy report comes up different, thousands of news-consuming, registered voters/drivers/potential jurors have conjured up the image of this big, dark-skinned, menacing homeless black kid forcing himself on this white, petite, freshman ballerina who was just trying to live her dream.

The power of suggestion and imagination.

UT-Austin Parents Goes Full NIMBY. You Never Go Full NIMBY.

UT-Austin Parents have, for some time, complained to the university administration about the conditions on Guadalupe Street, known as The Drag. The Drag was once a popular hangout for UT-Austin students, but several businesses have closed and storefronts abandoned. Those storefronts are now covered in graffiti and are havens for the city’s homeless population. The death of Haruka Weiser has made those complaints louder and more urgent.

University of Texas police chief David Carter insisted that the homeless did not overrun UT-Austin but conceded that the number of homeless crossing from The Drag into UT-Austin’s 43-acre campus was steadily increasing and they were rousting sleeping homeless from empty classrooms and stairwells. Carter also acknowledged that his officers were receiving complaints about panhandlers and vagrants threatening students or engaged in disorderly conduct.

The Weiser murder has led some UT-Austin parents to openly call for the relocation of the storefront churches and missions near Guadalupe Street that feed the indigent or provide them with goods. John Elford of the University United Methodist Church does not perceive the homeless population as a threat, nor does he view the proximity of his charitable activities to the university to be a problem.

Someone named Tanner Golden (almost sounds like a Haven Monahan-esque name) started a petition on to move the city of Austin to relocate nearby food banks away from UT-Austin and allocate more resources to treatment for mental illness, drug rehabilitation, and aid for indigents. It’s a little NIMBY-ish and demanding of lawful plunder in the form increased expenditure on the public, but not unreasonable in that at least he proposes a solution that will benefit the homeless. Will Dwyer, a low-testosterone beardo Austin resident and alleged comic starts a counter petition whining about Tanner Golden’s “bubble of privilege” (there goes that Progressive mind-reading power again), indulges in a few snide ad hominems, then proposes to ban Tanner Golden from Guadalupe Street. In other words, the sort of irrational virtue-signaling and personal attacks Progressives routinely indulge in against their “class enemies.”

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