Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes Featuring Marianne Tham

There is a lynch mob running around Rhodes University in South Africa, whipped up by the most evil creation in human history, Facebook, disrupting education, threatening students and faculty, and demanding freebies because there are witches, I mean “alleged rapists” in their midst. Marianne Tham, a paid talking head and feminist acolyte, had this ridiculous shit to say about it:

#RUReferenceList – desperate times, desperate measures

Am I the only one who notices that every time a feminist argues, they start off with special pleading? How they should be exempt from the rules because it’s “REALLY” serious? Anyway, on with the show.

It is amazing how quickly the rhetoric moved to “lynch mob” and “kangaroo court” in the four days that female (and some male) students at Rhodes University embarked on a guerilla campaign, circulating a public list exposing 11 alleged serial rapists and abusers on campus.

A guerilla campaign, huh? Still waiting to hear how this list what compiled and what evidence, if any, exists against these accused parties beyond the accusation itself.

The protests began after the list of current and past students was released on the RU Queer Confessions, Questions and Crushes Facebook page with the hashtag #RUReferenceList. The list was later shared to the Rhodes SRC Facebook page which in turn led to a call for students to meet at the Steve Biko Building.

Oh well, if Facebook said it, it must be true! Because Facebook is like, totally real evidence and stuff!

Students then marched to various residences in an attempt, en masse, to locate some of the students whose names appeared on the list. One student was held hostage by the group while Vice-Chancellor Sizwe Mabizela and Director of Student Affairs, Colleen Vassiliou, attempted to negotiate his release. By 08:00 the following morning police were called in to rescue the man.

Marianne objects to this lynch mob being called a lynch mob yet has no problem with this lynch mob holding the target of a lynch mob hostage to the point that the police have to be called to protect to rescue this person from what, at the very least, appears to be false imprisonment.

“But what if these are false claims?” asked many on Twitter (Worldwide statistics show that less than two percent of charges of rape are false). Why didn’t the victims report these men? (We know how difficult this is, there is enough evidence that police often re-traumatise complainants). This is a violation of the constitutional rights of the alleged rapists and abusers (and what about the rights of those women who are raped?)

Oh, now it’s “worldwide statistics”! And now it’s less than 2%! I guess somebody just fired India into the Sun since it doesn’t count as part of “worldwide” anymore. And gathering evidence, which is what the police are supposed to do is “re-traumatizing” the accuser (which assumes that the accuser’s account is factual and this is….BEGGING THE QUESTION!) And yes, Marianne, the accused have rights because at a trial, it is the accused whose life and liberty are at peril, not the accuser’s. Given South Africa’s history of due process violations and all of the anti-apartheid displays and museums they have that I saw when I was there, South Africans should make sure that every t is crossed and i is dotted before a man is condemned by the law.

These are, of course, all valid questions and concerns in democratic South Africa. That the students held one of the alleged rapists hostage is indeed unlawful and criminal. But what should they have done?

Sit the hell down and let the police and courts do their jobs. Next question?

In a “normal” society the students should have reported the alleged rapist to the police or campus authorities. Would they have responded? Would they have a van available? Would they have answered the phone? Would they have arrested him? Would they have charged him? Would he have been granted bail? Would they have asked the victim if she had been drinking? Whether she was wearing the “wrong” clothes?

Would the rapist have been back in residence and class the following day? And let’s for argument’s sake surmise that he is guilty. Would the normal sequence of events have acted as a deterrent considering the dismal track record when it comes to convictions for rape in this country? Would the case go to trial? Would he be convicted?

All of this pure speculation but there is a notion Marianne, and many others need to be disabused of: The law is not some magic shield and that if you just pass enough of the right laws you can obtain Utopia. The law itself is no deterrent to criminals. If a man makes up his mind to kill you, the law will not stop him. If a man makes up his mind to rape you, the law will not stop him. If a man makes up his mind to rape you, the law will not stop him. The law, especially criminal law, deals with punishment, not deterrent.

Free will. It is a bitch.

Responding to the protests, Rhodes Vice-chancellor, Sizwe Mabizela, said that while the university sought to provide “a consistent, caring, and timely response when sexual assaults occur within the university community”, it acknowledged that the campus was a “microcosm of society in which sexual violence and rape are pervasive”.

Witnessing the protests brought a sense of hope, anguish and strange exhilaration. So many years later and sexual violence remains the single most lethal threat to women’s lives including at an institution of so-called “higher learning”.

And yet, men are still the primary victims of violent crime. Interesting, that. But I forget, we must wait our turn until all is made well for women. As if it ever could be.

And as I watched from afar I imagined my daughters as students at a university and how I would fear for them and their safety. Just a few months ago a serial rapist terrorised women at UCT.

Yes, college is such an awful and toxic place where they’re just raping everybody. Let’s send our daughters there! Feminists’ words contradict their behavior.

I wondered then also, if I had had a son, and he had been “falsely accused”, how I would react. As a feminist I would do what we ask women who have been raped or beaten to do. I would suggest to him that he resort to the courts where he should expect a fair trial and for those who have falsely accused him to be sanctioned.

So your son must passively submit to the court’s judgment and the “traumatizing” experience of pre-trial investigation and trial and possible conviction. But heaven and earth must be moved on a woman’s behalf if she even makes a complaint. Got it.

Because in the greater scheme of things, in having to weigh up the lesser of two evils, and considering the pain and suffering of the women of this country, I would rather that my son face a false charge in a court and be exonerated than learn that my daughter had been raped, abused or murdered and the perpetrator never arrested or punished because the system is clearly dysfunctional.

Do I really need to say anything to this? Have I not already exposed the hypocrisy of feminists and their callous disregard for men who are falsely accused or convicted for crimes they didn’t commit? Is it not blindingly obvious that feminism is a doctrine that places women above men because they are supposedly the eternal victims of men?

We should not be surprised or afraid of the militancy of young women, instead we should work collectively to dismantle toxic and lethal notions of male-hood and male entitlement that are taken as “normal” and that have exacted and destroyed so much in this country.

Here’s an idea: Fuck off. Seriously, fuck right off. You dismiss the lives of men who are treated unjustly by the law and demonize men for a host of mythical sins which they can never cleanse themselves of such as “toxic masculinity,” or “male privilege,” or “patriarchy,” or whatever the latest Feminist Newspeak is for being a “class enemy” of Feminism. Then you demand that men serve your woman-worshipping cult, a cult in which he can never repent or be forgiven of the original sin of having a penis.

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